Look Back at the years top articles 2017 (Top 3000)

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 December 2017

* China's 7,680mph hypersonic aircraft delivered its warhead 'within meters' of its target 870 miles away, new details of historic test reveal >>
* Falcon Heavy raised on pad 39A for first time >>
* Less than 5% of India’s techies are ready for higher end AI and cloud computing work >>
* Tokyo may use facial recognition for security at the 2020 Olympics >>
* We already know blockchain’s killer apps >>
* Mark Zuckerberg's Real Campaign: Save Facebook >>
* Carlsberg Turns To AI To Help Develop Beers >>
* At an Air Show in China, Drones, Not Jets, Are the Stars >>
* Kodi Piracy and Addon Predictions for 2018 >>
* Ion beam controlled to etch single silicon atom depth >>
* SpaceX BFR construction will start in 4 to 6 months >>
* 2018 Is The Year Virtual Reality Goes Wireless >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 December 2018

* Crispr Isn’t Enough Any More. Get Ready For Gene Editing 2.0 >>
* Time Crystals to Tetraquarks: Quantum Physics in 2017 >>
* Dig Deep: DARPA Contest Aims to Take People Underground >>
* Can AI keep these zoo animals warm? >>
* Airbus is on the brink of killing off the A380 superjumbo if new Emirates order fails >>
* North Korea may launch another missile and weaponize anthrax on its next ICBM >>
* Technique to allow AI to learn words in the flow of dialogue developed >>
* 2018 preview: Bitcoin and ICO bubbles are set to burst >>
* Kia and Hyundai cars will include AI assistants starting in 2019 >>
* Google's Voice-Generating AI Is Now Indistinguishable From Humans >>
* US reveals radical 'Gray Wolf' cruise missiles that can chat among themselves to create 'swarm' attacks >>
* The rise of the flirtbots: Automated systems are getting kisses and even marriage proposals from customers >>
* This is how a molten salt nuclear reactor works >>
* The Verge 2017 tech report card: Amazon >>
* The Verge 2017 tech report card: Google >>
* The Verge 2017 tech report card: Samsung >>
* The Verge 2017 tech report card: Facebook >>
* The Verge 2017 tech report card: Apple >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 December 2017

* Cities With Uber Have Lower Rates Of Ambulance Usage >>
* Scientists Are Designing Artisanal Proteins for Your Body >>
* Billionaires may be the future of space policy — here's what they want >>
* A Japanese startup wants to put advertising on the moon >>
* Genomics and AI push the boundary of precision medicine in blood cancer >>
* 2018 should be the year of quantum supremacy >>
* The new space race is postponed until 2018 >>
* 2017 Was The Year We Fell Out Of Love With Algorithms >>
* State of Artificial Intelligence in 2017 >>
* Google's new AI ranks photos on their technical and aesthetic quality >>
* Using drones to build the ambulance fleet of the future >>
* Advanced Algorithms: A Free Course from Harvard University >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 December 2017

* The AI chip startup explosion is already here >>
* Project Maven Brings AI To the Fight Against ISIS >>
* Russia is planning to put a luxury hotel on the ISS >>
* Russia's Putin Calls For Web Activities of Some Firms To Be Monitored >>
* Ubisoft's new AI wing melds gaming and scientific research >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 December 2017 * Tech in 2017: Crazy, troubled and out of control? >>
* Will artificial intelligence become conscious? >>
* Arecibo is monitoring potentially hazardous near-earth asteroid >>
* Hacked Dog Pics Can Play Tricks on Computer Vision AI >>
* The field of AI research is about to get way bigger than code >>
* China Is Building a Solar Power Highway >>
* UK Police's Porn-Spotting AI Keeps Mistaking Desert Pics for Nudes >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 December 2017 * 2017 laid the foundation for faster, smarter AI in 2018 >>
* As Artificial Intelligence Advances, Here Are Five Tough Projects For 2018 >>
* Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have dipped over 25% >>
* Eric Schmidt stepping down as Alphabet’s executive chairman to become a ‘technical advisor’ >>
* Elon Musk shows off the Tesla Roadster that SpaceX will send beyond Mars >>
* This year the world woke up to the society-shifting power of artificial intelligence >>
* This AI tried to write Christmas carols, and the results are hilarious >>
* Happy Robot Holidays, AI Folding Laundry, and RoboThespian's TED Talk >>
* The tech industry needs to move towards responsible innovation in 2018 >>
* Inside “Fin”, the elite human/AI assistant >>
* Could artificial intelligence brainwash us? >>
* AI-Enabled Self-Order Kiosks Recognize Frequent CaliBurger Customers >>
* Driverless Cars Could Make Transportation Free for Everyone—With a Catch >>
* How Is Spacex Doing On Its Deep Space Ambitions? >>
* Google AI can rate photos based on aesthetic appeal >>
* Ubisoft combines AI research and game development at ‘La Forge’ >>
* CRISPR extends lifespan of Lou Gehrigs disease mice by 25% >>
* The AI robot that could finally make the paperless office a reality >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 December 2017 * NASA plans a launch to Titan or a return to comet 67P in 2025 >>
* The first 5G spec has been approved >>
* This burger chain recognizes your face to place an order >>
* Facebook job ads are being used to filter out older applicants >>
* In 2017, society started taking AI bias seriously >>
* Can a dreaming AI fix low res digital photos in the edit? >>
* Incredible LASER shoes to help Parkinson’s patients walk freely again >>
* How machine learning will accelerate data management systems >>
* Apple's iPhone X racist? Chinese users claim facial recognition system can't tell them apart >>
* An applied introduction to generative adversarial networks >>
* Interstellar Communication Using Microbes: Implications for SETI >>
* North Korea Is Trying to Fit Its Missiles With Anthrax >>
* US making plans for 'bloody nose' military attack on North Korea >>
* Embryos have full human regeneration could be key for radical life extension >>
* Why Net Neutrality Will Be A Campaign Issue In 2018 >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 December 2017 * Elon Musk Unveils Falcon Heavy Rocket Photos Ahead of Maiden Flight >>
* 3D-printed implant mends broken legs by turning into real bone >>
* Magic Leap shows off its Magic Leap One AR headset, shipping in 2018 >>
* Fooling AI can now be done a thousand times faster >>
* 2018 preview: Return to the moon as eight missions are planned >>
* Has YOUR computer been 'cryptojacked'? >>
* Year the world woke up to the society-shifting power of artificial intelligence >>
* 2017: The Year In Robocars >>
* Worlds collide: VR and AR in 2018 >>
* 2018 will be the year of Bitcoin's rivals >>
* New AI method keeps data private >>
* Next stages of AI >>
* LG will release new AI products under the 'ThinQ' brand >>
* NASA reveals it has started planning a 2069 mission to Alpha Centauri >>
* Embryos have full human regeneration could be key for radical life extension >>
* Researchers Fooled A Google Ai Into Thinking A Rifle Was A Helicopter >>
* YouTube: More AI can fix AI-generated ‘bubbles of hate’ >>
* Baby born 25 years after conception >>
* Scientists create an AI that can detect deception in the courtroom >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 December 2017 * Floating Solar Rig Produces Hydrogen Fuel >>
* The impossibility of intelligence explosion >>
* New York City Moves To Create Accountability For Algorithms >>
* Open-endedness: The last grand challenge you’ve never heard of >>
* Volkswagen plans 2,800 EV charging stations in the US by 2019 >>
* Facebook’s facial recognition now finds photos you’re untagged in >>
* Researchers create less invasive method for placing brain electrodes >>
* Is this Samsung's folding 'Galaxy X' >>
* Scientists create an AI robot CAT >>
* Google and Rolls-Royce join forces to create self-piloting ships >>
* Virgin Hyperloop One sets a new speed record of nearly 240mph >>
* London police will use AI to look for child porn on seized devices >>
* The First CRISPR Clinical Trial Could Begin in 2018 >>
* Students Learn Engineering by 3D Printing Functional Jet Engine Model >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 December 2017 * The Real Danger To Civilization Isn’t AI. It’s Runaway Capitalism >>
* How AI can make us better at arguing >>
* Carnegie Mellon reveals inner workings of victorious AI >>
* China three year nationwide AI action plan – smart cars, factories, robots, drones, homes and more >>
* Artificial intelligence will detect child abuse images >>
* DARPA is working on a project that would drop a swarm of drones from an airplane — and fly back into it after their mission is complete >>
* This Self-Driving AI Is Learning to Drive Almost Entirely in a Virtual World >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 December 2017 * Japanese company will pay part of workers' salaries in Bitcoin >>
* China Will Spend $3.3 Billion to Research Molten Salt Nuclear-Powered Drones >>
* Oracle's fancy new 'autonomous' database coming January, and will crush Amazon >>
* Alphabet's X lab is selling India thousands of rooftop boxes that use lasers at 20 Gbps >>
* Shoe-box-sized chemical detector >>
* Successful Surgery Leads to First 3D Printed Shoulder Replacement in Croatia >>
* Artificial intelligence helps accelerate progress toward efficient fusion reactions >>
* Facial Recognition Algorithms -- Plus 1.8 Billion Photos -- Leads to 567 Arrests in China >>
* Will Artificial Intelligence Become Conscious? >>
* Plumbers and electricians are the workers who will be last to lose their jobs to robots, AI expert reveals >>
* AI brain chips will 'evolve' humanity into a 'community of ZOMBIES' who are indistinguishable from robots, expert claims >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 December 2017 * China’s CCTV surveillance network took just 7 minutes to capture BBC reporter >>
* Google and Facebook 'Must Pay For News' From Which They Make Billions >>
* AI Marketplace Matches You With A Job, Even If You’re Rejected >>
* Microsoft adds more AI-powered updates to Bing, Cortana, Office 365 >>
* Andrew Ng’s Landing.ai wants to bring artificial intelligence to the manufacturing industry, starting with Foxconn >>
* Bragi's AI earbuds will recognize the sounds around you >>
* NASA uses Google's AI to find ANOTHER distant star with eight planets orbiting it in breakthrough in hunt for alien life >>
* Disney to buy key 21st Century Fox assets for $52.4 billion >>
* How AI Changes The Stakes For Pharma >>
* AI-Generated ‘Harry Potter’ Chapter Wins the Internet >>
* NASA's Kepler uses Google AI for latest discovery >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 December 2017 * Watch Blue Origin's New Shepard 2.0 Spacecraft Soar in 1st Test Flight >>
* Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins >>
* New Map Shows The Motion Of All The Galaxies In Our Supercluster >>
* Google, Looking to Tiptoe Back into China, Announces A.I. Center >>
* AI filmmaker; Script-writing robot learns to manipulate human emotions by binge-watching tear jerkers >>
* Modern copyright law can't keep pace with thinking machines >>
* How Machine Learning Can Help Identify Cyber Vulnerabilities >>
* Artificial Intelligence Is Killing The Uncanny Valley And Our Grasp On Reality >>
* India’s grasp on IT jobs is loosening up. Is artificial intelligence to blame? >>
* Nvidia AI can change video scenes from winter to summer >>
* Scientists develop new artificial ovary prototype >>
* What the US would need to beat China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and Salafist-jihadi >>
* AI Creates Super-Religion Based on Sacred Texts >>
* Prepare Yourself for the “Tsunami of Data” Expected to Hit by 2025 >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 December 2017 * Robotic Blimp Could Explore Hidden Chambers of Great Pyramid of Giza >>
* Trump Announces That the Moon Is Astronauts’ Next Destination >>
* Google patents an AI ‘babysitter’ system capable of protecting unattended children by remotely locking doors and switching off plug sockets >>
* AI tools will make it easy to create fake porn of just about anybody >>
* Microsoft has committed another $50 million to fund AI that helps combat climate change >>
* Artificial intelligence and supercomputers to help alleviate urban traffic problems >>
* New DNA-Scanning Software Can ID You in Minutes >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 December 2017 * Microsoft releases quantum computing development kit preview >>
* Stanford AI Index finds rapid technical progress and industry growth >>
* Fowl Language: AI Decodes the Nuances of Chicken “Speech” >>
* Could Russia's president one day be a ROBOT? >>
* An AI That Makes Fake Videos May Facilitate the End of Reality as We Know It >>
* Kim Jong-un's 'secret BIOWEAPONS plan >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 December 2017 * Holography-based 3D printing produces objects in seconds instead of hours >>
* New software development program works with AI and the cloud >>
* Announcing Google Cloud Next 2018 >>
* Artificial Intelligence Seeks An Ethical Conscience >>
* The “Always Connected PC” May Solve Laptops’ Battery-Life Problem >>
* CRISPR Might Be Able to Cure Disease, Without Changing Genes >>
* From smart cities to intelligent societies >>
* AI in Healthcare Summit >>
* Chinese students blanket the world, but Americans barely get past Europe >>
* Elon Musk finally admits Tesla is building its own custom AI chips >>
* Nvidia has GPU with Tensor cores has 9 times deep learning speed of previous Nvidia GPU >>
* The AI that can hear dolphins 'talk': Algorithm is able to distinguish different species in the wild based on their clicks >>
* Emotion Recognition Systems Could Be Used In Job Interviews >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 December 2017 * Entire human chess knowledge learned by DeepMind's AlphaZero in four hours >>
* Scientists ‘Inject’ Information Into Monkeys’ Brains >>
* Robot’s terrible jokes are a new test of machine intelligence >>
* Bitcoin soared above $19,500 , just three hours after it blew past $16,000. >>
* How addressable TV will shape the future of media >>
* Google Taught an AI That Sorts Cat Photos to Analyze DNA >>
* New technology allows robots to visualize their own future >>
* AI Can Beat Humans Only One Game At a Time >>
* Future of hardware is AI >>
* Watch: 3D-printed plastic sends info through Wi-Fi >>
* App-controlled medical implant could replace addictive opioids by jamming pain signals to the brain - but it will cost patients thousands >>
* New algorithm repairs corrupted digital images in one step >>
* Thorcon floating supertanker molten salt reactors starting with 2021 prototype >>
* A Wearable Chip to Predict Seizures >>
* It might be possible to remodel a baby's microbiome >>
* Assisted suicide goes high tech with a 3D-printed machine >>
* US leads in AI talent and it will still take time for China to catch up >>
* Learn AI and earn $436,000 >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 December 2017

* Google learns to smile, because AI's bad at it >>
* Netflix mulls using AI to craft personalized movie trailers for viewers >>
* Reducing discrimination in AI with new methodology >>
* Inside Baidu’s Bid To Lead The Ai Revolution >>
* The Ai Company That Helps Boeing Cook New Metals For Jets >>
* Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 doubles down on cameras and AI >>
* Computers Learn to Use Sound to Find Ships >>
* Google Released an AI That Analyzes Your Genome >>
* Super thin, ‘unclonable’ security system fends off hackers >>
* China Planning a Robotic Moon Station and Far-Side Radio Telescope (VIDEO) >>
* Google Lunar X Prize Teams Make Last-Ditch Fundraising Appeals >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 December 2017

* Samsung's 512GB chip will give your phone PC-like storage >>
* Top secret MICROWAVE missile that can take out North Korea's nukes before all-out US assault >>
* Japan Airlines pre-orders 20 Boom supersonic passenger jets >>
* Engineers 3-D print a “living tattoo” >>
* Scientists create machines that imagine the consequences of their actions to better handle objects >>
* General Motors will self driving ride sharing service with electric cars in 2019 >>
* Volocopter: Expect our flying taxis running for real in “two years” >>
* New research in AI pushes frontiers in epileptic seizure prediction >>
* XPrize’s $5 million AI competition is down to 59 teams >>
* Forget 3D printing, molding is all the rage right now >>
* Artificial ovary may fine-tune treatment for menopause symptoms >>
* Artificial intelligence isn’t just going to transform your business — it’s going to change technology itself >>
* Convergence of AI and Blockchain: what’s the deal? >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 December 2017

* Artificial Intelligence Predicts Outcomes of Chemical Reactions >>
* Innovation Group presents The Future 100: Trends and Change to Watch in 2018 >>
* Could Intelligent Machines of the Future Own the Rights to Their Own Creations? >>
* Rise of robot therapists: World's first bot has more than 2 million conversations a week via Messenger >>
* Helping AI master video understanding >>
* Wars of the future will use algorithms like ammunition, according to experts who warn Chinese and Russian AI could 'rule the world' >>
* China thinks its controlled internet model will work on a global scale >>
* AISpotter uses computer vision to make coaches’ jobs easier >>
* Reason8 is an AI assistant for managers and meetings >>
* How Criminal Courts Are Putting Brains—not People—on Trial >>
* IBM scientists demonstrate 10x faster large-scale machine learning using GPUs >>
* Could All of the World's Cars Be Electric? >>
* There are 170,000 fewer retail jobs in 2017—and 75,000 more Amazon robots >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 December 2017

* Woman With Transplanted Uterus Gives Birth, the First in the U.S. >>
* Volunteers Around the World Build Surveillance-Free Cellular Network Called 'Sopranica' >>
* This Robot Handles The Entire Process Of Growing Lettuce By Itself >>
* Voyager 1 Fires Up Thrusters After 37 Years >>
* A.I. Will Transform the Economy. But How Much, and How Soon? >>
* The Future Of Digital: 2017 >>
* HENRY BLODGET: 14 things you’ll want to know about the future of media >>
* Researchers create ultrasound needle for internal surgical images >>
* Total recog: British AI makes universal speech breakthrough >>
* Russia Says It Will Ignore Any UN Ban of Killer Robots >>
* Deep Space Gateway Key Part of Updated Exploration Roadmap >>
* Artificial intelligence could forever change Wall Street >>
* Will 3D printing replicate human life? >>
* Humans will live on the moon within five years >>
* Google Home can now handle two commands at once >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 December 2017

* Could the US Stop Nuclear Weapons? >>
* A.I. uses cars to predict neighborhood’s politics >>
* Elon Musk's Boring Co. to bid on Chicago airport transit link >>
* Jim Beam’s AI-powered Assistant Pours You Shot After Shot >>
* AWS adds dedicated analytics service for IoT data >>
* Velodyne LiDAR helps self-driving cars operate at highway speeds >>
* SpaceX’s Planned Giant Rocket Could Chase Down Interstellar Asteroid >>
* Artificial “Swarm Intelligence” Says Vladimir Putin Will be TIME’s Person of the Year >>
* Facebook Should Launch a Cryptocurrency >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 November 2017

* DNA uses bases A,G,C,and T. Can be extended X,Y.. >>
* U.S. scientists take step toward creating artificial life >>
* Amazon’s AWS DeepLens is an AI camera for developers >>
* Associative memory AI aids in the battle against financial crime >>
* AI Is Dreaming Up New Kinds of Video Games >>
* Controllable Cyborg Beetles for Swarming Search and Rescue >>
* Undoing Aging with Molecular and Cellular Damage Repair >>
* Researchers Have Created an AI System That Teaches Itself New Languages >>
* The AI Guru Behind Amazon, Uber, and Unity Explains What AI Really Is >>
* This Is How To Thrive In The Gig Economy >>
* Digital Big Brothers – China tripling surveillance cameras by 2020, UK and US also have mass surveillance >>
* How We Could Explore That Interstellar Asteroid >>
* Technology firms are an 'existential threat to human race' and have more influence on people than RELIGION >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 November 2017

* Google’s AI knows when a stranger is looking at your phone >>
* AWS launches new partner programs for networking and machine learning specialists >>
* Microsoft's AI language app will give you a friend to practice Chinese with >>
* Could a lullaby written by an AI help you fall asleep? Robot-created tune claims to help cure insomnia >>
* Scientists create cyborg monkeys that can control robotic arms with thought >>
* China's race for artificial-intelligence technology may give military edge over US >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 November 2017

* Watch NASA’s AI drone race a pro human pilot >>
* Breakthrough growing food on Mars, proves worms can reproduce in Martian soil >>
* Facebook to expand use of its AI to spot 'suicidal intent' in users >>
* A Mysterious Bacterium May Be a Critical Part of Cancer >>
* Incredible wireless system allows doctors to monitor a patient's heart using radio waves >>
* Top 10 Hot Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies >>
* Mobile application testing service HeadSpin launches from stealth >>
* Gene therapy to fix failing hearts works in pigs and will be tried in humans in 2018 >>
* Elon Musk response to a viral video of a robot doing amazing acrobatic feats. >>
* AI brain implants that can change a person's mood are tested on HUMANS by the US military >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 November 2017

* Talk with first-ever robot politician on Facebook Messenger >>
* Jeff Bezos’ net worth surpasses 100 billion dollars >>
* The 'StingRay' device that sweeps up data >>
* New species can develop in as little as TWO generations, according to a study >>
* Could a Rogue Nation Alter Clouds to Combat Warming? >>
* Elon Musk applies to expand his traffic beating LA tunnel across Los Angeles >>
* Russia military official claims mach 8 Zircon hypersonic missile is operational >>
* Using microrobots to diagnose and treat illness in remote areas of the body >>
* When Robots Invade The Kitchen >>
* The 'mouthprint' app that turns your phone into a SONAR detector to monitor lip movement as you speak to prove it really is you talking >>
* Spacex heading to 40 launches per year without including Spacex internet satellite launches >>
* Head of Google talks AI, China, Robotics and Quantum computers >>
* At least 16 companies developing Deep Learning chips >>
* The Future Of Retail In The Age Of Amazon >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 November 2017

* Robotic device grips part of the heart to assist pumping from outside heart >>
* With Artificial Light, the World Gets 2 Percent Brighter Each Year >>
* NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Video on the first Interstellar Object >>
* Spacex dedicated tanker versions of BFS for orbital refueling business >>
* AWS ramps up in AI with new consultancy services and Rekognition features >>
* How Artificial Intelligence Is Making Nuclear Reactors Safer >>
* China’s New AI Police Station Won’t Have Humans >>
* Hydrogen-Powered Trains Are Coming to Germany in 2021 >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 November 2017

* Walmart is testing a self-driving, floor-scrubbing robot >>
* Wanted: AI That Can Spy >>
* Apple could use machine learning to shore up LiDAR limitations in self-driving >>
* Samsung plans new research center to keep pace in the AI wars >>
* Young Again: How One Cell Turns Back Time >>
* The store of the future has self-driving floor scrubbers >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 November 2017

* Buoy uses AI and machine learning to keep your water bills low >>
* DARPA Seeking AI That Learns All the Time >>
* AI spots art fakes by examining a single brushstroke >>
* Ai Can Help Hunt Down Missile Sites In China >>
* Amazon Launches a Cloud Service in a Secret region for the U.S. intelligence community >>
* Physicists design $100 handheld muon detector >>
* SpaceX Expects Government Support for Development of BFR Launch System >>
* What Is An EMP Bomb? >>
* The HoloPlayer One lets you interact with 3D holograms >>
* 2018's Software Engineering Talent Shortage— It’s quality, not just quantity >>
* The Myth of the Interchangeable Developer >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 November 2017

* Uber orders up to 24,000 Volvo SUVs for its self-driving fleet >>
* Fuel Cells Poised to Replace India’s Diesel Generators >>
* The first asteroid we've seen from outside our Solar System is totally bizarre >>
* Drones Distribute Swarms of Sterile Mosquitoes to Stop Zika and Other Diseases >>
* Magnetic Field Controls Drug Delivery >>
* Deep Learning Is Eating Software >>
* Weaponsized drones vs Anti-drone systems >>
* How the Next Generation is Building Our (Artificial Intelligent) Future >>
* Everyone is freaking out about artificial intelligence stealing jobs and leading to war -- and totally missing the point >>
* Drug Discovery AI to Scour a Universe of Molecules for Wonder Drugs >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 November 2017

* How Dirt Can Clean the Air >>
* Successful Surgical transplant of dead human heads as trial run for live humans >>
* Laser arrays for propelling spaceships can also be used like nuclear cannon weapons >>
* When James Webb Finally Reaches Space, Here’s What It’ll Be Hunting >>
* James Webb Space Telescope Will 'Perfect Its Own Vision' in Orbit (Video) >>
* Aging Reversal tests in dogs by 2019 and then in human tests by 2022 if that works >>
* mindBEAGLE Brain-Computer Interface Gives Non-Speaking, Immobilized People a Voice >>
* China wants to catch up to US rockets in 2020 and then get nuclear spaceships in 2045 >>
* Robotic Process Automation >>
* Stanford Trains AI To Diagnose Pneumonia Better Than a Radiologist In Just Two Months >>
* An AI Resident at work: Suhani Vora and her work on genomics >>
* Scientists Develop Kill Switches In Case Bioengineered Microbes Go Rogue >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 November 2017

* Gene therapy infused into persons blood to correct liver enzymes >>
* China wants to build a nuclear-powered space shuttle by 2040 >>
* This AI Learns Your Fashion Sense and Invents Your Next Outfit >>
* Algorithm outdoes radiologists at spotting pneumonia in X-rays >>
* China is building a mach 40 wind tunnel to test hypersonic weapons >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 November 2017

* Scientists make first attempt at editing genes inside the body >>
* Radical 'solid state battery' claims can power a car for 500 miles and recharge in a MINUTE >>
* Apple's 2019 iPhone 'to have rear facing laser 3D camera' to make augmented reality even more realistic >>
* Free-fall experiment could test if gravity is a quantum force >>
* AI could be the perfect tool for exploring the Universe >>
* Lethal Microdrones, Dystopian Futures, and the Autonomous Weapons Debate >>
* The Rise of Vertical Farming >>
* Microsoft to integrate Visual Studio with AI services >>
* Welcome To The Era Of The Ai Coworker >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 November 2017

* Apple, Google, and the constant chase for tech that can’t be reverse-engineered >>
* Artificially Intelligent Drones Become Terrifying Killing Machines In Dystopian Short Film >>
* First Digital Pill Approved to Worries About Biomedical ‘Big Brother’ >>
* New Camera Will Search for Star Explosions and Other Quick Changes in the Cosmos >>
* Boston Dynamics’ latest robot dog is slightly less terrifying >>
* Monkeys learn to play ‘chicken’ in a virtual driving game >>
* Ai Can Help Apple Watch Predict High Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea >>
* NASA reveals incredible new images of trillion ton A-68 which is the size of DELAWARE >>
* Robot farmers could completely eradicate wonky vegetables on our plates by 2020 by only harvesting crops that are 'perfect' >>
* Groundbreaking implant boosts human memory for the first time >>
* The real danger of Artificial Intelligence it’s not what you think >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 November 2017

* AI-Powered Microscope Counts Malaria Parasites in Blood Samples >>
* Virtual nation Asgardia has launched itself into space >>
* Airbus Reveals Its Autonomous Air Taxi, Vahana, With A Series Of Flight Tests >>
* Mini liver tumors created in a dish for the first time >>
* Bill Gates buys land for a 36 square mile smart city west of Phoenix Arizona >>
* Bitcoin's value rose $10 billion in just 12 hours after a dramatic sell-off >>
* Artificial Intelligence Could Hijack Brain-Computer Interfaces and Take Control of Our Minds >>
* Automation and the “Creation of a New World” Why “Think Different” is Necessary in a Digital Age >>
* Delaware cops to use AI dashcam to look for fugitives in passing cars >>
* Boeing 757's flight controls are HACKED remotely while on the runway without the knowledge of the pilots >>
* This A.I. Chatbot Will Get Revenge on Email Scammers For You >>
* Ray Kurzweil On Turing Tests, Brain Extenders, And Ai Ethics >>
* Jobs and Robots: Bracing for Technological Disruptions to Come >>
* Head Transplants: Sergio Canavero About to Perform and There’s Nothing to Stop Him >>
* The future of AI blockchain and deep learning >>
* Space tourism will lift-off in 2018 >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 November 2017

* IBM has 50 qubit prototype chip which should be close to Quantum Supremacy >>
* Integrated circuits printed directly onto fabric for the first time >>
* New Device Heals Wounds, Replaces Stitches, Staples >>
* This investment turned $1,000 into $2.2 billion in less than 8 years >>
* Bitcoin cash dethroned Ethereum as 2nd largest cryptocurrency during wild night of trading >>
* IBM makes 20 qubit quantum computing machine available as a cloud service >>
* New method 3D-prints fully functional electronic circuits >>
* Robotics change the face of modern logistics in China >>
* Human Mini-Brains Growing Inside Rat Bodies Are Starting To Integrate >>
* Genetically modified humans with gills could live in UNDERWATER cities in the future, expert predicts >>
* Amazon is running into new problems as it builds more brick-and-mortar stores >>
* 'Google is the new grandparent, the new neighbour, the new nanny' -- millennial parents are doing things differently than any generations before them >>
* Algorithm cuts 3D printing time in half >>
* Building Electronics That Can Work On Venus >>
* Price Waterhouse Coopers Values Artificial Intelligence at $15.7 trillion by 2030 >>
* This smart home device tells you if you forgot to turn the stove off >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 November 2017

* Las Vegas' self-driving bus crashes in first hour of service >>
* AI Startup Embodied Intelligence Wants Robots to Learn From Humans in Virtual Reality >>
* How India Is Moving Toward a Digital-First Economy >>
* AI pioneer Chris Boos talks about the future of machine learning >>
* Now Amazon wants to take over the furniture business >>
* Russia buying more ground combat robots >>
* UberEATS now includes restaurant ratings and recommended dishes >>
* Philippine Outsourcing Industry Braces For AI >>
* AI experts says supporting people through retraining will help the transition them from AI eliminated jobs >>
* Air New Zealand keeps tabs on cargo with Bluetooth >>
* Brain chips that allow you to delete memories and fight disease will create a new breed of SUPERHUMANS in 15 years >>
* AT&T CEO: 'No intention' of selling CNN for DOJ approval of $85.4B Time Warner bid >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 November 2017

* Scientists Save A Kid By Growing A Whole New Skin For Him >>
* Facebook's send-us-your-nudes service is coming >>
* Uber shows off its flying taxi service in new video >>
* Apple AR wearable device is reportedly on track for 2020 >>
* AI binges on CSI crime shows and learns to guess whodunnit >>
* Netgear's smart security light alerts you of unwanted guests >>
* A.I. system finds cracks in nuclear reactors >>
* Volkswagen and Google to bring quantum computing benefits to cars >>
* Summit discusses impact of machines on jobs, productivity, and the global economy >>
* Scientists implant human brain tissue in rats >>
* Letting robots kill without human supervision could save lives >>
* Sky could sacrifice Sky News to ensure Fox merger >>
* Ultrasound on a chip using an array of sensors will make ultrasound 50 times lower cost in 2018 >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 November 2017

* Old human cells rejuvenated in breakthrough discovery on ageing >>
* Subatomic Discovery That Physicists Considered Keeping Secret >>
* A galaxy almost as old as the Big Bang itself was just discovered >>
* Hawking: AI could be 'worst event in the history of our civilization' >>
* Scientists decipher mechanisms in cells for extending human longevity >>
* Are Holograms The Future Of How We Capture Memories? >>
* Waymo is first to put fully self-driving cars on US roads without a safety driver >>
* Artificial Intelligence Is Putting Ultrasound On Your Phone >>
* Artificial Sweeteners Are Used to Track Water Pollution >>
* Apple Pay Cash launches in beta today >>
* It's possible for one person to have two different sets of DNA — here's how it happens >>
* Scientists are figuring out how to turn volcanoes into power stations >>
* Netflix is sliding following Disney report >>
* Farmers In India Are Using AI To Increase Crop Yields >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 November 2017

* NHS starts offering GP appointments via video call >>
* Building A.I. That Can Build A.I. >>
* What is Broadcom, and why is it trying to buy Qualcomm for $130 billion? >>
* Developing successful AI apps for the enterprise >>
* China will launch a reusable spaceplane in 2020 >>
* Flying COW drone provides cell service to Puerto Rico, voice, data and text services to 40-square-mile radius >>
* Artificial intelligence aids materials fabrication >>
* How a Matchmaking AI Conquered (and Was Exiled) from Tinder >>
* Amazon Cash, the service that lets you use cash to shop Amazon online, arrives at 7-Eleven >>
* Google's Ray Kurzweil compares the effect AI will have on humanity to World War II - but says we'll survive >>
* Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple classic monopolies and need new rules to curb power >>
* Jeff Bezos-backed warehouse farm will grow enough to feed 180,000+ people per year >>
* Breakthrough Gel for growing large quantities of neural stem cells >>
* Humans Are Still Better Than AI at StarCraft >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 November 2017

* Virtual cocktails hijack your senses to turn water into wine >>
* Onboard Computers and Sensors Could Stop the Next Car-Based Attack >>
* This Smartphone is a shrunken-down gaming laptop >>
* Stephen Hawking: Robots will replace humans completely >>
* Phone sensors can save lives by revealing what floor you are on >>
* The Future of Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Society >>
* China makes Asia’s most powerful automated island maker >>
* Eric Schmidt and Bob Work: Our AI 'Sputnik Moment' Is Now >>
* A New Way to Find Bugs in Self-Driving AI Could Save Lives >>
* Up to Speed on AI & Deep Learning: November Update >>
* Everything you need to know about Neural Networks >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 November 2017

* The world's biggest ride company is building an EV charging network to cover China >>
* Disney researchers are developing fireworks you can 'feel' for blind people >>
* This smart mattress tracks your sleep habits and heats up your bed on cold nights — and that's not all >>
* MIT students trick an AI into classifying this turtle as a gun >>
* Oprah will be Alexa’s first celebrity-voiced shopping assistant >>
* Google’s Eric Schmidt says US could lose lead in AI and Basic Science Research to China >>
* How will disruptive new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and robotics?—?transform my organization? >>
* Dog Enters Virtual Reality Universe, Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 November 2017

* Sony Unleashes New Aibo Robot Dog >>
* Google's Poly is a one-stop shop for AR and VR objects >>
* Amazon's AR shopping feature previews products in your home >>
* Amazon rolls out smart-home 'routines' for Alexa >>
* The biggest headache in machine learning? Cleaning dirty data off the spreadsheets >>
* AT&T will open AI marketplace to the public next year >>
* US Marines get laser addons to temporarily blind opponents >>
* U.S. scientists use 'internet of water' to manage floodwaters >>
* New Australian Project Will Use 3D Printing and Robotic Surgery in Bone Cancer Treatment >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 November 2017

* A tool to debug ‘black box’ deep-learning neural networks >>
* Waymo dumped partial self-driving features after discovering people sleeping while driving >>
* Geneticists Are Starting to Unravel Evolution’s Role in Mental Illness >>
* WebVR for casual virtual reality in your browser >>
* AI can write surprisingly scary and creative horror stories >>
* Lamp posts covered in airbags to stop 'smartphone zombies' >>
* Take a holiday on the 'flying bum': World's largest aircraft set to become the ultimate airborne cruise ship >>
* House of Cards production halted ‘until further notice’ in response to Kevin Spacey allegations >>
* Nvidia's AI machine generates fake faces from celebrity images >>
* New Research Says “levitating” Sands Explain How Mars Got Its Landscape >>
* Netflix’s 'Skip Intro' Button Makes TV Ever More Like an App >>
* The future of medical scans? Nintendo Wii-inspired £7 microchip turns 2D ultrasound machines into 3D imaging devices >>
* Google's self-driving cars go to traffic school >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 October 2017

* New artificial intelligence can detect colorectal cancer in less than second, 86% accuracy >>
* Robotic eel seeks out water pollution >>
* Neural network gives your phone 'DSLR-quality' photos >>
* AI Scans Twitter for Signs of Opioid Abuse >>
* Head transplant mavericks must be scrutinised, not ignored >>
* Controversial Brain Imaging Uses Ai To Take Aim At Suicide Prevention >>
* Can you get from 'dog' to 'car' with one pixel? Japanese AI boffins can >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 October 2017

* What Virtual Reality Can Teach a Driverless Car >>
* Researchers watch video images people are seeing, decoded from their fMRI brain scans in near-real-time >>
* Internet of Things Needs to Be Intelligent, Not Just Connected >>
* For a dollar, an AI will examine your medical scan >>
* If we had general intelligence at the level of a rat then the Singularity would be very near >>
* Airbus flying electric taxi is on track for flight tests in 2018 >>
* Job losses are not at the robotic automation companies but at the companies they are killing >>
* In 25 Years, Your Employer Will Directly Control Your Moods >>
* Intel AI helped create a music video >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 October 2017

* Artificial Intelligence Beats CAPTCHA >>
* AI finds possible gravitational lens points >>
* First genetically engineered humans might not have their DNA tweaked at all >>
* Watch Yamaha's Humanoid Robot Ride a Motorcycle Around a Racetrack >>
* Buildings of the future might be constructed by swarms of robots >>
* New "Ultrasound on a Chip" Tool Could Revolutionize Medical Imaging >>
* Fully automated mining and factories on Earth a precursor of automation for space >>
* Amazon's Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in the world with $90 billion >>
* First large transport drone takes off in China >>
* India overtakes the US to become the world’s second largest smartphone market >>
* India will Orbiter and Rover to the moon in 2018 >>
* Russia test fires huge 'Satan Two' ballistic missile that can carry 12 nuclear warheads and wipe out Britain or Texas in ONE devastating strike amid huge military drills >>
* Amazon's $18 billion cloud business continues to crush Microsoft and Google -- here's the latest scorecard for the cloud war >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 October 2017

* Bloodhound preps for land speed record with 200MPH test run >> >>
* Where Are All the Intelligent Aliens? Maybe They're Trapped in Buried Oceans >>
* Waymo goes to Michigan to test its self-driving cars in the snow >>
* We may have just seen the first comet from another solar system >>
* Daimler’s new electric heavy-duty truck has 220 miles of range >>
* Your sense of smell changes throughout the day >>
* Scientists send photons 2,170 miles towards a satellite to confirm it behaves as both a particle and a wave >>
* Exponential industrialization of space is more important than combat lasers and hypersonic fighters >>
* Robots will have IQ of 10,000 be 100 TIMES more intelligent than human in 30 years, SoftBank >>
* Toyota’s Concept-i Walk offers rolling personal mobility >>
* Amazon Key is Silicon Valley at its most out-of-touch >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 October 2017

* Amazon Key Opens the Door to In-home Deliveries >>
* Amazon's new security camera lets you keep a close eye on package deliveries >>
* Machine learning used to surpass MELD in assessing liver disease >>
* MIT students fortify concrete by adding recycled plastic >>
* New Gene-Editing 'Pencil' Erases Disease-Causing Errors >>
* Space engine for Mars missions shatters thrust record >>
* Scientists create an AI that can pick out a voice in a crowd with 90% accuracy >>
* Guns getting improved sensors and targeting for anti-drone defense >>
* China details plans through 2050 – health, AI, sharing economy and more >>
* IBM scientists say radical new ‘in-memory’ computing architecture will speed up computers by 200 times >>
* Turn one cell type into another while skipping huge step >>
* Big data meets Big Brother as China moves to rate its citizens >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 October 2017

* CRISPR’d pigs could produce low-fat bacon >>
* Stephen Hawking's Thesis Is So Popular It Crashed Cambridge's Website >>
* Tactile soft sensor can turn anything into a controller >>
* Tesla's Solar Roof tiles are out... and OMG >>
* This 8K VR headset blows the Oculus and Vive out of the water >>
* Scientists use HTC Vive controllers to operate this rescue robot like a puppet >>
* Sad News, Dolphins Get Alzheimer’s Disease, Too >>
* Google's AI binge watches more than 57,000 YouTube clips to learn how humans behave >>
* Artificial intelligence tells nightmare-inducing tales of terror >>
* Associative memory AI finds connections between people and things and detects fraud >>
* IBM casts Watson as the brains behind IoT >>
* Americans Are Retiring Later, Dying Sooner and Sicker In-Between >>
* How AI Helps The Intelligence Community Find Needles In The Haystack >>
* An AI God Will Emerge --"Replacing Our Concept of the Divine" >>
* Google training AI to understand human actions with movie clips >>
* I research and develop AI — and it's never going to change the world if it's regulated >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 October 2017

* Researchers demonstrate 'mind-reading' brain-decoding tech >>
* Off-Grid Electricity Projects Are Starved for Funds >>
* Big data meets Big Brother as China moves to rate its citizens >>
* Low Level AI specialists make $300K-500K and top names make Pro Athlete money >>
* Researchers reveal how stem cells make decisions >>
* Adobe's New Video Editing Tool Looks Incredible (And A Bit Unsettling) >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 October 2017

* Elon Musk's Boring Company gets permission to dig a 10-mile tunnel in Maryland >>
* AdHawk’s Tiny Sensors Could Enable Much Smaller VR Headsets And AR Glasses >>
* IBM simulates 56 qubit quantum computer which is beyond 49 qubit limit >>
* Meet the robot that knows KUNG FU >>
* Samsung Working on Dual Device Charging Pad that will work with both Magnetic Inductive and Resonant Methods >>
* NASA scientists just streamlined the search for Earth-like planets >>
* World’s First Human Head Transplant Will Take Place in December >>
* Does Artificial Intelligence Need More Innate Machinery? >>
* A sneak peak at radical future user interfaces for phones, computers, and VR >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 October 2017

* Is Amazon planning to TRACK its workers? Patent filed by the firm reveals designs for ultrasonic wristbands that monitor performance >>
* Entirely automated giant 3D printing and robotics rocket factory >>
* New machine learning system can automatically identify shapes of red blood cells >>
* Robotic Asteroid Mining: Bootstrapping the Solar System Economy >>
* Would YOU fly on a plane with 'superbendy' wings? NASA tests bizarre design it says could boost fuel efficiency >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 October 2017

* F.D.A. Approves Second Gene-Altering Treatment for Cancer >>
* Smart Power Electronic Converters May Help Stabilize the Grid >>
* Turning the Optical Fiber Network into a Giant Earthquake Sensor >>
* The Most Cringe-Inducing Surgical Robots from IEEE's Intelligent Robots Conference >>
* Google’s Machine Learning Software Has Learned to Replicate Itself >>
* Toyota’s new self-driving cars will chat with drivers >>
* Gene therapy for advanced lymphoma gets FDA approval >>
* How 'virtual fences' are helping to stop baboon raids in South Africa >>
* Scientists Just Found The Perfect Spot To Build An Underground Colony On The Moon >>
* What AI Can Really Do Right Now >>
* BBC will use machine learning to cater to what audiences want to watch >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 October 2017

* AlphaGo Zero Goes From Rank Beginner to Grandmaster in Three Days—Without Any Help >>
* The robots that will sweep Earth's skies >>
* Samsung believes 'programmable objects' will blanket your home >>
* Night Vision for Self-Driving Cars >>
* AI-powered app finds and locks away your racy photos >>
* Samsung leapfrogs Intel again with 8-nanometer chips >>
* Baidu plans to put a driverless bus on Chinese roads next year and cars by 2021 >>
* Digital brains are as error-prone as humans: Expert warns poor decision-making by AI could lead to a 'toxic' future for humanity >>
* Spacex Point to Point trip market >>
* Google's photo AI can now recognize your PETS >>
* AlphaGo’s AI upgrade gets round the need for human input >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 October 2017

* Intel aims to conquer AI with the Nervana processor >>
* Watch the World’s First Giant Robot Fight >>
* Amazon patents a drone that delivers a charge to power up EVs on the go >>
* Netflix Says It Will Spend Up to $8 Billion on Content Next Year >>
* These AI learn by competing against each other, and it looks ridiculous >>
* Researchers in Australia have taken farming automation to a whole new level >>
* Cisco using AI and machine learning to help IT predict failures >>
* Spacex BFR to be lower cost than Falcon 1 at $7 million per launch >>
* 3D Printers: A Revolutionary Frontier for Medicine >>
* China is betting big on Artificial Intelligence >>
* Could 'AI' Become a Partner in Breast Cancer Care? >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 October 2017

* Neutron star collision is mind-blowing even for astronomers >>
* Mice with green feet demonstrate CRISPR gene editing technology >>
* Spike Aerospace flies supersonic unmanned test flight >>
* Artificial Pancreas Improves Quality of Life for Type-1 Diabetes Patients >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 October 2017

* Robot Can Print This $32,000 House in as Little as 8 Hours >>
* Directed Energy Propulsion has made a lot of experimental progress >>
* AI implants will allow us to control our homes with our thoughts within 20 years, government report claims >>
* Smart cities are boring. Give us responsive cities. >>
* Riding the Uno Bolt, a weird and wonderful self-balancing unicycle >>
* This small army of robots will do your shopping for you >>
* Dubai police will ride hoverbikes straight out of 'Star Wars' >>
* Does the Rise of AI Precede the End of Code? >>
* God will be replaced by AI collective consciousness, says 'Da Vinci Code' author Dan Brown >>
* Ray Kurzweil + Peter Diamandis: Disruptive Technologies, Mind-Boggling Predictions, and ‘Dangerous Ideas’ >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 October 2017

* Hyperloop One becomes ‘Virgin Hyperloop One’ with Virgin Group investment >>
* The flying eye hospital >>
* The world’s first “negative emissions” plant has begun operation—turning carbon dioxide into stone >>
* Scientists just used brain stimulation to change how people think >>
* Vehicle-to-vehicle communication networks can help fuel smart cities >>
* Samsung’s latest imaging sensors may rid smartphones of camera bumps >>
* This robot can climb fences, stairs, and even open doors >>
* Intel delivers 17 qubit superconducting chip >>
* Artificial intelligence and advances in data warehousing >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 October 2017

* Scientists used human stem cells to build a new rat intestine >>
* Q&A: Douglas Hofstadter on why AI is far from intelligent >>
* Researchers develop digestible sensors for monitoring the gastrointestinal tract >>
* Mark Zuckerberg just announced Oculus’s first standalone VR headset >>
* Nvidia says its new supercomputer will enable the highest level of automated driving >>
* A Fitbit for the Stomach >>
* North Korea could have up to 60 nuclear weapons >>
* How Amazon, Google, Microsoft, And IBM Sell AI As A Service >>
* The era of AI — and the technologies that will deliver it >>
* Pornhub is using machine learning to automatically tag its 5 million videos >>
* Age Reversal Breakthrough >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 October 2017

* Dubai Airport is going to use face-scanning virtual aquariums as security checkpoints >>
* 3D ‘body-on-a-chip’ project aims to accelerate drug testing, reduce costs >>
* Half the universe’s missing matter has just been finally found >>
* Amazon looking into devices that could deliver packages in the trunk of your CAR and even inside your home >>
* Japan's latest GPS satellite will guide self-driving cars >>
* Japanese researchers make chickens that lay egss with low cost cancer drugs >>
* Human hearts kept ‘asleep’ in a box can survive outside the body >>
* Deep-sea wind farm the size of India could provide enough renewable energy to power the ENTIRE planet >>
* Scientists complete the world's first 'atlas of life:' New study maps every vertebrate on Earth in effort to aid conservation >>
* Virgin Galactic's Richard Branson says he will be in space in six months >>
* Nvidia built a real Holodeck, aimed at creative collaboration >>
* Fingerprint test that detects someone's gender, what they've eaten, or even if they've used a condom is 'set for court use' within months >>
* AI-based financial advisor for low-wage workers >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 October 2017

* Edible robots may change medical care for humans and animals >>
* Smartphone Cameras Peek Around Corners by Analyzing Patterns of Light >>
* Anti-drone weapons – Lasers and shotgun shells with nets >>
* Wireless 5G networks will be deployed in 2019 >>
* Sony's first robot in years will be an Aibo sequel >>
* Google created a fun way to learn about simple AI >>
* Put Humans at the Center of AI >>
* Humans will be BANNED from driving cars within the next 25 years as 'safer' autonomous vehicles hit the road, expert claims >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 October 2017

* Magnetic Shield against massive solar flares >>
* Elon Musk could help rebuild Puerto Rico with solar-powered electricity grid >>
* Researchers create a fast-sealing surgical 'glue' for closing wounds >>
* Teleoperating robots with virtual reality: getting inside a robot’s head >>
* Vp Mike Pence Lays Out Administration’s Plan To Go Back To The Moon >>
* This ICO for an AI blockchain is the most tech-hype idea of the year >>
* With Smartphones and social media everyone is distracted all the time >>
* Progressing to Solid-State Lithium Batteries >>
* Robots taking half of our jobs within 20 years claim is ludicrous according to Rodney Brooks >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 October 2017

* Hover cars aren't as far off as you think—meet the Renault Float concept >>
* Watch the First-Ever 360-Degree Video of a Spacewalk! >>
* Airbus is working on a self-flying taxi, and the prototype could fly as early as 2018 >>
* Scientists enlist supercomputers, machine learning to automatically identify brain tumors >>
* Adidas will finally start selling shoes made by its robot factory >>
* World’s first solar-powered, indoor vertical farm sprouts in Philadelphia >>
* NASA's inflatable ISS habitat could stay in space until 2020 >>
* Scientists develop 'body-on- a-chip' system to accelerate testing of new drugs >>
* Hily dating app uses AI and identification to improve safety and potential matches >>
* This AI can tell true hate speech from harmless banter >>
* Mattel's New Baby Monitor Uses AI To Soothe Babies and Lawmakers Aren't Happy About It >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 October 2017

* Behold The Pixel 2, Google's New Flagship Android Phone >>
* MICROBES could be biggest threat to astronauts on mission to Mars >>
* Google’s new ear buds offer real-time translation >>
* Gravitational wave detectors could unlock dark matter mystery >>
* Sundar Pichai Says The Future Of Google Is Ai. But Can He Fix The Algorithm? >>
* SpiderMAV Drone Shoots Webs for Perching and Stabilization >>
* DeepMind now has an AI ethics research unit. We have a few questions for it… >>
* Honda's new disaster robot is designed to search through crumbled buildings >>
* New tech can reverse ageing in human cells >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 October 2017

* Honda Unveils Prototype E2-DR Disaster Response Robot >>
* China Demonstrates Quantum Encryption By Hosting a Video Call >>
* MIT Remotely Operates Robots with Oculus Rift VR >>
* Autonomous two-seater 'Passenger Drone' that could revolutionise the daily commute completes its first manned flight >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 October 2017

* Stratolaunch has successful tests and moves to 2020 commercial launch >>
* Oracle adds AI development service to platform offerings >>
* Uber launching shopping mall lounges and pickup/dropoff points with Westfield >>
* GM will have 20 electric car models on the road by 2023 >>
* Chinese Scientists Fix Genetic Disorder in Cloned Human Embryos >>
* Blue Origin Engineer Talks Next Steps for New Shepard, New Glenn >>
* Phone-powered Ai Spots Sick Plants With Remarkable Accuracy >>
* Smart tattoos turn your skin into a health tracker >>
* Known Unknowns: The Dangers of North Korea’s H-Bomb Threat >>
* Molecular robot builds four types of molecules >>
* Conference on Human & Robotic Interaction 2018 >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 October 2017

* Can SpaceX afford its new Mars rocket — and will there be a market for it? >>
* Elon Musk new affordable Mars Plan will use new rocket that replaces all existing Spacex rockets >>
* Elon Musk Wants Giant SpaceX Spaceship to Fly People to Mars by 2024 >>
* Spacex BFR ready by 2020 so kill Space Launch System and save $30+ billion >>
* Elon Musk: SpaceX BFR can colonize Mars and build a moon base — in 7 years >>
* To make space exploration easier, China will launch rockets from freighters and planes >>
* DARPA captures real time video through clouds >>
* Alphabet’s Project Loon may deliver internet to Puerto Rico with Wi-Fi balloons >>
* Hypersonic SR-72 spyplane demo spotted >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 September 2017

* NASA is teaming up with Russia to put a new space station near the moon. Here's why. >>
* For $70, This AI Job Platform Promises It Can Land You An Interview In 60 Days >>
* DARPA making AI to explain why >>
* Robot dentist completes dental surgery with no human help >>
* How Chip Design Can Teach Us to Build Better Hospitals >>
* Human vs. deep-neural-network performance in object recognition >>
* Laser Weapons Not Yet Ready for Missile Defense >>
* UAE will make simulated domed Mars city on Earth >>
* The age of machine learning >>
* IBM Now Has More Employees in India Than in the U.S. >>
* Moscow's facial recognition CCTV network is the biggest example of surveillance society yet >>
* Amazon's $5 billion headquarters battle has neighbourhoods across New York all fired up >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 September 2017

* AI vs Doctors >>
* Scientists Tell What Would Happen If North Korea Detonated Hydrogen Bomb Underwater >>
* Researchers uncover our brain's filing system for storing experiences >>
* Light-based cancer therapy moves through clinical trials >>
* Gene Therapy and Drug Combination Reverses MS in Mice >>
* No pilot needed for this autonomous air taxi >>
* Life-Size Humanoid Robot Is Designed to Fall Over (and Over and Over) >>
* Boeing sponsors $2 million jetpack competition with October 2019 fly off >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 September 2017

* Splunk goes native with machine learning, aims to speed up monitoring >>
* Watch Lockheed's laser burn drones out of the sky >>
* A cheap pollution sensor will keep you off the dirtiest roads >>
* Drone With Event Camera Takes First Autonomous Flight >>
* Google internet balloons should start commercial service in 2019 >>
* MARS 2020 Rover Will Host Laser Power Capable of Detecting Carbon-Based Organic Signatures of Past Life >>
* Artificial intelligence for obtaining chemical fingerprints, Neural networks carry out chemical simulations in record time >>
* Controversial 'Head Transplant' Doctor Claims Success In Animal Experiments >>
* The Coming Software Apocalypse >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 September 2017

* Intel’s New Chip Design Takes Pointers From Your Brain >>
* Neuroscientists restore vegetative-state patient’s consciousness with nerve stimulation >>
* New type of supercomputer could be based on ‘magic dust’ combination of light and matter >>
* Satya Nadella’s Guide to the Future, By Bill Gates >>
* With the D3000, China enters the robotic warship arms race >>
* Microsoft unveils its next-generation AI developer tools >>
* British Airways pushes planes with remote-controlled vehicle >>
* Dubai joins the race to become the first city with SELF-FLYING TAXIS >>
* Plan and Act in case AI or something else kills your job >>
* Biomedical engineers connecting a human brain to the internet in real time >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25b September 2017

* Radical single-stage 'aerospike' rocket that could revolutionise satellite launches is ready >>
* NASA tests supersonic prototype that could cut travel time from London to New York in half >>
* Robots learn to walk naturally by understanding their bodies >>
* Scientists will send messages to search for aliens NEXT YEAR >>
* Amazon is working on Alexa-enabled 'smart glasses' to take on Siri and Google Assistant, claims report >>
* Life-saving AI knows when you're distracted behind the wheel >>
* 3D PRINTER: World-first surgery allows patient, 27, to walk again - after the bones in his leg 'rotted away' >>
* Nvidia's artificial intelligence is breaking into the industrial sector >>
* The Navy is working on a new Tomahawk missile that can hit moving targets >>
* AI Reshaping Fab Operations >>
* AI Chip Rides Novel Networks >>
* World's first 'molecular robot' capable of building molecules >>
* Boeing Planes Could Fire Lasers From Their Noses To Spot Turbulence >>
* Internet of Everything — US$12.6 trillion ROI expected over the next decade [slide deck] >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 September 2017

* Nanosatellite Beams Smartphone Voice Call for First Time >>
* Walking DNA nanorobot could deliver a drug to a precise location in your body >>
* A Brain Built From Atomic Switches Can Learn >>
* Robot security guard maker Knightscope shows off new multi-terrain model >>
* Ai Research Is In Desperate Need Of An Ethical Watchdog >>
* International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems >>
* For the First Time, Signal Transfer Between Molecules Has Been Achieved >>
* Superaccurate GPS Chips Coming to Smartphones in 2018 >>
* Kymeta’s flat antenna will enable the broadband connected cars >>
* ‘Fog computing’ could improve communications during natural disasters >>
* Facial Recognition Is Only the Beginning: Here’s What to Expect Next in Biometrics on Your Phone >>
* Facebook's New 'AI Camera' Team Wants to Add a Layer to the World >>
* This news-reading AI could scan for police shootings nationwide >>
* Apple's A11 Bionic Chip In iPhone 8 and iPhone X Smokes Android Handsets In Early Benchmarks >>
* Warehouse-robots-learning >>
* Japanese develop robot dog that sniffs out smelly feet >>
* Why democratizing AI matters: Computing, data, algorithms, and talent >>
* The state of AI adoption >>
* A New Zealand Company Built An AI Baby That Plays the Piano >>
* AI Just Made Guessing Your Password a Whole Lot Easier >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 September 2017

* MIT and IBM: putting our “minds and hands” together to create the future of AI >>
* Billionaire Paul Allen funds sensors to measure three times deeper in the ocean >>
* SpaceX Rocket Launches X-37B Space Plane on Secret Mission, Aces Landing >>
* Nvidia and Avitas Systems partner on using AI to help robots spot defects >>
* Smartphones could someday assess brain injuries >>
* This Machine Learning-Powered Software Teaches Kids To Be Better Writers >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 September 2017

* This qubit redesign may make it easier to make quantum computers >>
* India Just Might Be Getting A Hyperloop >>
* MIT Algorithm Reads Your Face to Detect Pain >>
* New algorithms could redistribute renewable energy without the grid. >>
* What's Next after Creating a Cancer-Prevention Vaccine? >>
* IBM Pitched Its Watson Supercomputer as a Revolution in Cancer Care. It's Nowhere Close >>
* Apple's Steve Jobs Theater oasts rotating elevators and a secret WALL that retracts to reveal a demo are >>
* A robot did better than 80% of students on the University of Tokyo entrance exam >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 September 2017

* Teamosa brews tea using ultrasound >>
* Paging Dr. AI: Neural Network Invents Disturbing Diseases >>
* Inside the Steve Jobs Theater: Pictures reveal first look at the underground venue inside Apple's spaceship HQ >>
* Google's new Street View cameras help AI map the real world, first overhaul in 8 years. >>
* North Korea nuclear testing: Mountain may be at risk of collapse >>
* Solar-powered robotic parasol tracks sun, monitors UV levels >>
* Magnetic pulses may treat schizophrenics who 'hear voices' >>
* New camera can see through human body >>
* Facebook AI learns human reactions after watching hours of Skype >>
* Artificial intelligence is now setting the pace for the world's best gamers >>
* What If Your Future Car Was Hooked Up to Your Brain? >>
* A new Samsung Patent Reveals a Major Smart Speaker System for the Home that Includes a Projector >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 September 2017

* This spacecraft is thinner than a human hair and can capture space debris >>
* Coming To Air Travel Soon: Yoga Studios, Kid Play Areas, And Shared Workspaces >>
* Jaguar thinks people will be talking to steering wheels in 30 years >>
* Cryptocurrencies have crashed 20% in two days >>
* Netflix has an enormous content budget >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 September 2017

* KFC now lets Chinese customers pay with their FACE >>
* Vladimir Putin warns whoever cracks artificial intelligence will 'rule the world' >>
* £100 FridgeCam shows you what’s inside your fridge on your smartphone >>
* Samsung's 'AI-powered' washer is just trying to save you time >>
* Semi-autonomous robot arm can stitch a shoe from scratch in just 6 minutes >>
* SpaceX finishes testing Falcon Heavy's first stage cores >>
* Facebook will use AI to help correct skewed 360-degree photos >>
* A single-molecule room-temperature transistor made from 14 atoms >>
* IBM is teaching AI to behave more like the human brain >>
* India has become the 'incredible market' for Chinese entrepreneurs >>
* High-frequency chip makes fastest internet speeds look slow >>
* China Is Making a 2,500mph "Flying Train" to Compete With Elon Musk's Hyperloops >>
* AI writes Yelp reviews that pass for the real thing >>
* Intel AI accelerator capable of Trillion operations per second per watt >>
* Ford and Domino’s to deliver pizza using self-driving cars in new test >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 September 2017

* Dream Chaser Space Plane Makes Crucial Leap Toward Orbital Flights >>
* This Robot Can Sew T-shirts as Fast as a Crew of 17 Humans >>
* XYZPrinting announces a $3,000 full-color 3D printer >>
* China Plans 600 MPH Train To Rival Elon Musk's Hyperloop >>
* AI Beats George R.R. Martin to Writing ‘GoT’ Book Six >>
* AI can do an astronomer's job 10 million times faster >>
* China’s Navy in the 2020s will have a lot of modern subs, carriers and sea bases >>
* This self-learning AI is taking the best esports pros to school >>
* Building Real-time Data Pipelines >>
* Tunnels on Mars Might Protect Astronauts From Dangerous Levels of Radiation >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 August 2017

* Nerve Cells restored in Monkeys with Parkinsons like disease >>
* We’ve just seen 15 new mysterious cosmic radio bursts from space >>
* Is AI our best hope for finding alien life? Scientists show that neural networks can spot tiny wobbles in space-time 10 MILLION times faster than current methods >>
* Light-driven 'nanomachines' could be used as tiny missiles inside the body to blast away cancer cells >>
* Fatal AI mistakes could be prevented by having human teachers >>
* MIT's latest robot politely weaves through crowds >>
* IBM's Watson is creating US Open tennis highlight videos >>
* Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence" (VIDEO) >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 August 2017

* India shut off the internet in an attempt to maintain order >>
* Japan Wakes to a Text Message: Missile Approaching >>
* Tinder Gold, which lets you see who has liked you (for $4.99 per month), launches today >>
* Google Joins The Augmented Reality Party With Arcore >>
* Salesforce is using AI to democratize SQL so anyone can query databases in natural language >>
* Will AI Enable the Third Stage of Life on Earth? >>
* Robot caregivers are saving the elderly from lives of loneliness >>
* Voyager Golden Records 40 Years Later: Real Audience was Always Here on Earth >>
* Is the future of nuclear power molten SALT? >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 August 2017

* SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod speed competition winner tops 200 MPH >>
* Safer thorium reactor trials could salvage nuclear power >>
* The age of AI surveillance is here >>
* Could AI Transform Continuous Delivery Development? >>
* From facial scans instead of passports to robot baggage handlers, experts reveal the hi-tech airports of the future >>
* Stanford lab makes nanodiamond rain but on Uranus and Neptune diamonds would be millions of carats >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 August 2017

* Brain-Inspired AI: How Neuroscience Helps to Advance Machine Learning >>
* Samsung chief jailed over scandal that brought down South Korean president >>
* Qantas Airways wants to launch the world’s longest flight—if technology can handle it >>
* Technological Disruptors and not Tech Singularity will force companies to accelerate or die >>
* Sherpa secures $2.3M to build AI-driven insurance platform tailored to individuals >>
* Two ex-Googlers are using AI to guarantee interviews for tech job seekers >>
* How Artificial Intelligence Will Make Digital Humans Hollywood's New Stars >>
* 3D Printed Drones Fly into the Future >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 August 2017

* Elon Musk shows off SpaceX's custom spacesuit >>
* Blossom: A Handmade Approach to Social Robotics from Cornell and Google >>
* Pepper Now Available at Funerals as a More Affordable Alternative to Human Priests >>
* The self-flying plane that could soon skim the countryside to revolutionise farming >>
* High altitude balloon-drone combo >>
* Removing the hunch in data science with AI-based automated feature engineering >>
* Airbus Uses Lasers To Teach Its Flying Car To Land >>
* AI and satellite imaging make aircraft carriers vulnerable >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 August 2017

* High-powered microscope can scan cells without destroying them >>
* Disney Will Price Streaming Service At $5 Per Month, Analyst Says >>
* Intelligence and the DNA Revolution >>
* The Great Tech Panic: What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Worry About >>
* The Runaway Species: How human creativity remakes the world >>
* This Salad-Making Machine Will Make You The Perfect Salad In 60 Seconds >>
* A breakthrough new method for 3D-printing living tissues >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 August 2017

* Nasa plans to make O2 on Mars >>
* Android O is now called Android Oreo >>
* Industry Urges United Nations to Ban Lethal Autonomous Weapons in New Open Letter >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 August 2017

* Wal-Mart has an idea for a floating warehouse that could make deliveries via drones >>
* Volkswagen will bring its modern day, all-electric hippie Microbus to the road by 2022 >>
* China completing first small nuclear reactors in 2020-2021 and plan mass production >>
* Artificial neural networks decode brain activity during performed and imagined movements >>
* Nanotechnology | Future of Everything With Jason Silva (Part 5) >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 August 2017

* The Robots Will Be Soft And Cuddly And Heal Their Own Wounds >>>>
* Google warns watermarked photos are still vulnerable, as its new AI proves it can easily erase logos without ruining an image >>
* Scientists have developed a battery that gets its power from human spit >>
* Scientists successfully use artificial womb to save premature lambs for the second time in history >>
* Sperm cells are created in the lab offering hopes of a cure for one of the most commons causes of male infertility >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 August 2017

* Tiny robots crawl through mouse’s stomach to heal ulcers >>
* This company claims to be selling a dog-walking drone >>
* Microsoft Research uses AI to help drones soar like eagles >>
* Fiat Chrysler joins Intel, BMW, and Mobileye's project to create fully self-driving cars by 2021 >>
* Higher Minimum Wages Bring Automation and Job Losses, Study Suggests >>
* Scientists use magnetic fields to remotely stimulate brain—and control body movements >>
* Microsoft’s autonomous gliders seek out thermal updrafts to stay aloft >>
* Researchers find 'switch' that turns on immune cells' tumor-killing ability >>
* Ray Kurzweil reviews History of Neural Nets >>
* Tips for surviving the future >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 August 2017

* This blimp startup is taking on Google’s and Facebook’s flying internet projects >>
* MoviePass Now Offers Unlimited Movies in Theaters for $10 a Month >>
* UPS will use VR to train its student delivery drivers >>
* How Much Would You Pay to Drive a Jumping Robot on the Moon? >>
* Single-Molecule Transistors Get Reproducibility and Room-Temperature Operation >>
* The Mars Colony of the Future Could Be Powered by This Advanced Microgrid >>
* Google taught its AI to create the perfect COOKIE >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 August 2017

* MIT’s new AI can keep streaming video from buffering >>
* The Plan To Put A 3-d Printer With Robot Arms Into Orbit >>
* A Hewlett-Packard 'supercomputer' might land us on Mars >>
* Google’s voice adds support for 30 more languages, reaching further into Africa, India >>
* How A.I. Is Creating Building Blocks to Reshape Music and Art >>
* Teaching A.I. Systems to Behave Themselves >>
* Researchers use AI to monitor hospital staff hygiene >>
* This foldable smart electric scooter for grownups can zip through crowds at 16 mph >>
* Facebook's Messenger AI will sniff out Spotify tracks for you >>
* London police issue head-mounted cameras to armed officers >>
* How to mend a broken heart: Scientists develop an injectable tissue bandage the size of a POSTAGE STAMP that could remove the need for invasive surgery >>
* Lab-grown mini-brains that snap together like building blocks could help scientists treat schizophrenia and autism >>
* Scientists develop a flexible battery that can run on tears, sweat or even URINE >>
* A blood test for cancer could be closer than people realise >>
* Artificial Intelligence Eats the World #gusummit2017 >>
* Neil Jacobstein on the Future of AI >>
* Daniel Kraft on Singularity Medicine >>
* Ramez Naam on energy #suglobal >>
Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 August 2017

* The world’s best Dota 2 players just got destroyed by a killer AI from Elon Musk’s startup >>
* How Baidu Will Win China’s Ai Race—and, Maybe, The World’s >>
* This spaceship-like public transport concept is designed to ease traffic jams >>
* Why AI is now at the heart of our innovation economy >>
* SpaceX’s next launch will send an HPE supercomputer to the International Space Station >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 August 2017

* Cancer Conundrum: Too Many Drug Trials, Too Few Patients >>
* Open AI bot beats pro human gamer in competitive eSport >>
* Transmission of video signals 100 times faster than fastest cellular network >>
* AI Helps Magicians Perform Mind Reading Tricks >>
* Deep learning could discover new plant species hidden in centuries of herbarium data >>
* An AI ‘nose’ can remember different scents >>
* When robots help with shopping >>
* Plasma rocket on track to 100 hour firing at 100 kilowatts in 2018 >>
* US can Intercept North Korean ICBMs with 36 deployed interceptors >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 August 2017

* Scientists Took Over a Computer by Encoding Malware in DNA >>
* Major step towards growing human organs in pigs: Scientists use gene editing to eliminate viruses in the animals >>
* Scientists use controversial CRISPR gene-editing technology to change the insects' social behaviour >>
* Sunshield Layers Installed On Nasa’s James Webb Space Telescope As Mirror Cryo Cooling Testing Commences >>
* AI Hunts for New ALS Treatments >>
* Groundbreaking screening tool is the first to map 'junk DNA' for mystery gene mutations that cause cancer, diabetes, and dementia - and experts say it could 'revolutionize medicine' >>
* This smart window uses electricity to quickly change from clear to dark >>
* AI-Enabled Device Emits Radio Waves to Wirelessly Monitor Sleep Patterns at Home >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 August 2017

* The first serious AR phone is finally here >>
* Blizzard and DeepMind turn StarCraft II into an AI research lab >>
* Mazda makes gasoline engines as efficient as diesel >>
* Demystifying the Black Box That Is AI >>
* Legal automation can lead to more justice and fewer lawyers >>
* North Korea Just Took The Nuclear Step Experts Have Dreaded >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 August 2017

* GM's next electric car will only cost $5,300 — in China >>
* Blocking a key enzyme may reverse memory loss >>
* Intel's push for petabyte SSDs requires a new kind of drive >>
* Transform your ideas into code with this app-enabled robot >>
* The evolution of machine learning >>
* Brain-controlled VR game hints at a hands-free future >>
* TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017 is all in on artificial intelligence and machine learning >>
* Dueling AIs compete in learning to walk, secretly manipulating images and more at NIPS >>
* Tiny terahertz laser could be used for imaging, chemical detection >>
* This Algorithm Can Tell If You’re Depressed Just From Your Instagram Posts >>
* Salesforce AI helps brands track images on social media >>
* Intel's Core i9 revealed to reach 36 cores at 4.2 GHz >>
* New technique reveals inner structure of live embryos in 3D >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 August 2017

* First implants derived from stem cells to ‘cure’ type 1 diabetes >>
* Researchers develop method for real-time speech animation >>
* New AI algorithm monitors sleep with radio waves >>
* Self-propelling droplets creep towards heat to cool microchips >>
* Japan makes 44 magnum resistant helmet >>
* Intel’s 18-core chip was a risk. It will probably pay off. >>
* Michelin’s 3D-printed tire is as stunning as it is futuristic >>
* DeepMoji AI that has used emoji to learn to detect sarcasm more effectively than HUMANS >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 August 2017

* Sub-$100 12V battery size pico projectors by Christmas for 70 inch projection everywhere >>
* Gene Editing Could Stop Cancer, Diabetes And Bioterrorism >>
* AI Makes Anthrax Bioterror Detection Easier >>
* Slight Street Sign Modifications Can Completely Fool Machine Learning Algorithms >>
* 3D Printing Industry Guru Leads Development of First Commercial Robotic 3D Printer >>
* Watch how SpaceX imagines a perfect Falcon Heavy launch will go >>
* Artificial intelligence now powers all of Facebook’s translation >>
* China and the US are battling to become the world’s first AI superpower >>
* Researchers create instant hydrogen from water and aluminum >>
* Artificial skin transplants could be used to treat diabetes >>
* Amazon wants to build a network of mobile drone maintenance and delivery platforms >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 August 2017

* High schooler makes 3D-printed, machine learning-powered eye disease diagnosis system >>
* The Secret Service wants to use a drone to protect Trump >>
* Physicists Capture The Elusive Neutrino Smacking Into An Atom's Core >>
* A Fully Automated Science Lab Could Be Coming to NASA's New Lunar Station >>
* Molecular Movie Reveals Inner Workings of New Solar Cells >>
* CRISPR skin grafts could replace insulin injections for diabetes >>
* How Machine Learning Is Helping Morgan Stanley Better Understand Client Needs >>
* Elon Musk Already Installed Tesla Solar Roof >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 August 2017

* Hyperloop One's pod zoomed down at nearly 200 mph on its first ride >>
* IBM scientists have captured 330TB of uncompressed data into a tiny cartridge >>
* First human embryo editing experiment in U.S. ‘corrects’ gene for heart condition >>
* Ikea begins selling solar panels and home batteries >>
* Hackers Can Turn Amazon Echo Into a Covert Listening Device >>
* Inside Salesforce’s Quest To Bring Artificial Intelligence To Everyone >>
* Reinforcement learning for complex goals, using TensorFlow >>
* Re-Entry Vehicle Failed During North Korea's 2nd ICBM Test, Video Suggests >>
* The truth behind the Facebook AI robot 'inventing' its own language >>
* Google and MIT’s new machine learning algorithms retouch your photos before you take them >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 August 2017

* Impending Asteroid Flyby Will Be A Chance To Test Nasa’s Planetary Defense Network! >>
* Disney Research’s ‘Magic Bench’ makes augmented reality a headset-free group experience >>
* Submarine drones could grow a lot kelp in the open ocean >>
* Germany is testing face-recognition tech at a railway and 200 people said “sign me up” >>
* Revealed: Brain 'switch' tells body to burn fat after a meal >>
* Researchers develop technology to make aged cells younger >>
* Watch A Homemade Robot Crack A Safe In Just 15 Minutes >>
* US Navy Railgun field demo ready and shows video of 4.8 shots per minute >>
* Google claims robots are SUPERIOR to humans at identifying and removing extremist videos on YouTube >>
* NASA has job opening for someone to defend Earth from aliens -- and it pays a six-figure salary >>
* Detecting radio waves with entangled atoms >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 August 2017

* VR successor to 'Second Life' is now in public beta >>
* The world’s first crewless cargo ship will launch next year >>
* AI quickly cooks malware that AV software can't spot >>
* Alphabet's 'moonshot' lab has a new project to store renewable energy >>
* Multiplayer VR is about to look much more realistic >>
* Russians developing anti-missile lasers and drones with microwave weapons >>
* Sensor traps light to help detect drugs and doping >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 July 2017

* Rapid shift to passenger miles in electric cars with self driving ridesharing >>
* NASA to Test Earth Defense Observatory & Systems During Asteroid Flyby >>
* China pushing for AI, railgun and technological dominance >>
* Scientists Have Found The Brain Cells That Slow Our Aging Process >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 July 2017

* Sir Peter Jackson’s studio reveals augmented reality demo >>
* Sunscreen made from DNA would last forever >>
* Elon Musk rolls out Tesla's Model 3 at splashy event >>
* Google Launches Free Course on Deep Learning: The Science of Teaching Computers How to Teach Themselves >>
* How AI can help make safer baby food (and other products) >>
* Researchers shut down AI that invented its own language >>
* North Korea fires another ICBM missile >>
* The Internet of Things is blossoming in India, and here's why that matters >>
* ‘Smart’ water bottles are a thing now—should you buy one? >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 July 2017

* First Human Embryos Edited in U.S. >>
* 'Marjorie Prime' imagines a world where AI keeps us from grieving >>
* Russian scientists put a defibrillator on a drone >>
* Amazon's plan to take over HEALTHCARE revealed >>
* Jeff Bezos beats out Bill Gates to become world’s richest person >>
* Robots Could Act as Ethical Mediators Between Patients and Caregivers >>
* The Big Problem With Self-Driving Cars Is People >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 July 2017

* Watch Elon Musk's Boring elevator hide a car underground >>
* Diabetes Vaccine Entering Human Testing Could Also Prevent The Common Cold >>
* Artificial intelligence is not as smart as you (or Elon Musk) think >>
* Elon Musk and Spacex new plan is to have much larger Mars landing craft >>
* Amazing new algorithm makes fusion power slightly less incredibly inefficient >>
* How AI Will Change the Way We Make Decisions >>
* Google's DeepMind researchers create AI with an ‘imagination’ >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 July 2017

* The Rise Of Ai Is Forcing Google And Microsoft To Become Chipmakers >>
* World's first 'self-cleaning house >>
* Musk and Zuckerberg bicker over the future of AI >>
* Human antibodies produced in lab for first time >>
* Facebook boosts live 360 video to 4K for better VR >>
* Agtech startup Prospera, which uses AI and computer vision to guide farmer >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 July 2017

* HoloLens: Microsoft promises AI chip for 'on-device' computer vision learning >>
* NASA backs deep space habitat made with old ISS cargo module >>
* Tiny robots swim the front crawl through your veins >>
* World's first FLOATING wind farm is taking shape >>
* Google releases the final Android O developer preview >>
* AI May Soon Replace Even the Most Elite Consultants >>
* Three 1000 MWe nuclear reactors are nearing completion in China >>
* Tiny robot prowls water lines in search of leaks >>
* 20,000 genes sequenced for $80 with mobile app access >>
* US Navy latest test of electromagnetic railgun fires projectiles at 4,500mph, 100 miles away >>
* The robot vacuum that maps your house >>
* HoloLens 2 will have a custom AI chip designed by Microsoft >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 July 2017

* A satellite captured a video of its fellow satellites rocketing to space >>
* This Image Is Why Self-Driving Cars Come Loaded with Many Types of Sensors >>
* First controlled vertical manipulation of a single H atom with AFM tip >>
* Robot May Have Found First Melted Nuclear Fuel Deposits At Fukushima >>
* New colour-changing sensor can identify different alcohols >>
* This startup wants to replace your office with 3D holograms >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 July 2017

* Mice Show Signs of Mental Disorder After Injections of Cells from Schizophrenia Patient >>
* Jeff Bezos' Vision: 'A Trillion Humans in the Solar System' >>
* Elon Musk NY to DC hyperloop could break ground later this year >>
* Real-Time Distance Image Sensor Detects Obstacles >>
* DeepMind says it's given AI an imagination. Let's take a closer look at that >>
* IBM's AI Can Predict Schizophrenia With 74 Percent Accuracy By Looking at the Brain's Blood Flow >>
* Autonomous driving will bring forced obsolescence to cars >>
* Why XPRIZE Is Asking Writers to Take Us Through a Wormhole to 2037 >>
* Scientists Ponder How to Identify Conscious Future AI's on Earth >>
* Musk Drops Propulsive Landing Plans For Spacex Crew Dragon >>
* Is anyone home? A way to find out if AI has become self-aware >>
* Google’s DeepMind AI Teaches Itself to Walk, and the Results Are Kooky, No Wait, Chilling >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 July 2017

* Elon Musk verbally approved to build New York to DC Hyperloop >>
* Hands-On: VRHero Is A 5K Resolution Headset >>
* New 3D-printed water sensor may prevent waterborne illnesses >>
* 'Salvation's' EmDrive: The Engine That Might Break Physical Laws >>
* In 2018 Spacex will have nearly two thirds of the commercial space launch market >>
* Elon Musk admits the first passengers on SpaceX's megarocket will need to be 'brave' as maiden flight stands a 'real good chance' of failure >>
* Elon Musk thinks a moon base would fire up public support for space >>
* SpaceX is changing up its plans for landing a spaceship on Mars >>
* Intel puts Movidius AI tech on a $79 USB stick >>
* Apple's new journal is about machine learning (and attracting new talent) >>
* How big data and AI will reshape the automotive industry >>
* Researchers Have Figured Out How To Fake News Video With AI >>
* China reveals its plan to dominate global AI research and says industry will be worth more than $59 billion by 2025 >>
* AI suggests recipe for a dish just by studying a photo of it >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 July 2017

* SpaceX targets 24-hour first stage rocket re-use turnaround by 2018 >>
* Ai Could Revolutionize War As Much As Nukes >>
* AI Can Help Patients Recover Ability to Stand and Walk >>
* For First Time On-Chip Nanoantennas Enable High-Bit Rate Transmission >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 July 2017

* Mesh Networking Comes To Bluetooth, Which Could Set Off a New Wave of Smart Buildings >>
* The 'temporary tattoo' that could one day monitor your health >>
* Elon Musk's Freak-out Over Killer Robots Distracts From Our Real Ai Problems >>
* Bringing neural networks to cellphones >>
* Microsoft is doubling down on machine reading as part of its AI focus >>
* Customer Data Meets AI >>
* India's first solar-powered train makes its debut >>
* Netflix now has more subscribers internationally than in the US >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 July 2017

* Samsung made a giant 34-foot LED TV for movie theaters >>
* Google Robot factory raises sterile mosquitos, to release a million per week >>
* 3D-printed silicone heart beats like the real thing >>
* Laser SETI: All Sky All the Time >>
* Commercial AI will start sortig through ISIS intelligence data within 6 months >>
* Bioboffins use machine learning to decipher fruit flies brains >>
* Announcing the winners of our Machine Learning Startup Competition >>
* The best way to detect aliens may be by finding their footprints >>
* Researchers reveal how they would deal with a machine uprising >>
* AI coach will train hopeless chatbots to pass the Turing test >>
* Artificial intelligence is going to change every aspect of your life — here's how to invest in it >>
* 12 jobs robots are taking over the fastest >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 July 2017

* ‘World’s first robot lawyer’ now available in all 50 states >>
* I watched two robots chat together on stage at a tech event >>
* Vayyar launches 3D sensors that give self-driving cars interior awareness >>
* Why CAR T-cell immunotherapy is such a big deal for cancer treatment >>
* Robots and AI are going to make social inequality even worse, says new report >>
* AI And ‘Enormous Data’ Could Make Tech Giants Harder To Topple >>
* The AI that could make fusion power a reality: System can analyze plasma to help design safe reactors that harness the power of stars on Earth >>
* Robotic landers could start mining the moon as early as 2020 >>
* China tests self-sustaining space station in Beijing >>
* Oculus has a $200 wireless VR headset in the works for 2018 >>
* Microsoft's 'talking camera' app for the blind isn't as magical as it sounds >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 July 2017

* Hyperloop One successful full scale hyperloop test >>
* Researchers used CRISPR to encode a movie into DNA >>
* Moon Express Sets Its Sights on Deliveries to the Moon and Beyond >>
* China 5G tests hit 19 Gbps and is on track for 2020 deployment >>
* MIT solves a major problem holding up glasses-free 3D TVs >>
* AI Creates Fake Obama >>
* One trillion tonne iceberg breaks off from Antarctica >>
* IBM’s new Services Platform uses AI to help businesses manage their IT operations >>
* How Machine-Learning AI Is Going To Make Your Phone Even Smarter >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 July 2017

* This hands-free toothbrush cleans your teeth for you >>
* Ai Is Making It Extremely Easy For Students To Cheat >>
* The Audi A8: the World's First Production Car to Achieve Level 3 Autonomy >>
* How to ‘talk’ to your computer or car with hand or body poses >>
* AI Can See America's Wealth Inequality From Space >>
* Microsoft to employ unused TV channels to offer rural broadband >>
* Researchers reveal update to Asimov's laws they say would 'empower' robots to make their own decisions to protect humans >>
* Exclusive: Inside Airbus' Modular Plane Concept, Transpose >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 July 2017

* A New Google Project Sets Out To Solve Artificial Stupidity >>
* DARPA is helping six groups create neural interfaces for our brains >>
* Meet the DrunkBots: Watch Google's AI learning to get around obstacles >>
* DARPA Wants Brain Implants That Record From 1 Million Neurons >>
* Google wants to put people back in AI >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 July 2017

* If Earth Were 50 Percent Larger, We Might Be Stuck Here >>
* Building a Battery-Free Cellphone >>
* Machine Reasoning Gets a Boost With This Simple New Algorithm >>
* AI determines that more educated residents and not raw income improves neighborhoods >>
* Roomba Inventor Joe Jones on His New Weed-Killing Robot >>
* Optical Telescope Will Seek Sources of Gravitational Waves >>
* Underwater Robots Learn a New Language, JANUS >>
* Movie tie-in VR experiences are getting more and more common. >>
* Google Funds A Team Of Robot Journalists >>
* Your anti-virus software is not enough >>
* Converging on cancer at the nanoscale >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 July 2017

* Glasses-free holographic phone will take on iPhone in 2018 >>
* EU Developing Robot Badgers for Underground Excavation >>
* LHC pops out a new particle that could test the strong force >>
* Google shows off Blocks, a 3D modeling tool made for VR >>
* H2O.ai’s Driverless AI automates machine learning for businesses >>
* DeepMind’s first international AI research office lands in Alberta >>
* This startup is building AI to bet on soccer games >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 July 2017

* Hypervelocity Stars Invade the Milky Way >>
* Lasers recreate ‘molecule that made the universe’ >>
* NASA will test simple nuclear power system which will be in the 1 to 10 kilowatt power range >>
* Scientists are scrutinizing city sewage to study our health >>
* NVIDIA will power self-driving cars in China >>
* Amazon's Alexa has more than 15,000 skills >>
* Researchers use quantum physics for counterfeit detection >>
* Nvidia and Baidu team on AI across cloud, self-driving, academia and the home >>
* Baby boomers are nowhere close to reaching their retirement goals >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 July 2017

* Airbus' New Black Boxes Will Eject From Crashing Planes, So They're Easier To Find >>
* AI is better at predicting which embryos will result in IVF success than DOCTORS >>
* Measuring the Progress of AI Research >>
* Rocket Lab wants to build and launch a rocket every week >>
* Outside of AI, companies are doing less research and more development >>
* Teaching robots to learn about the world through touch >>
* Flying in an electric plane >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 July 2017

* Gadget can make you feel heat, cold, or even pain in virtual reality >>
* World's first smart car headlights that can see through the heaviest rain or snow promise to make roads safer for drivers >>
* Peering inside an AI’s brain will help us trust its decisions >>
* £200 'smart blinds' that store solar energy in a battery >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 July 2017

* Water droplets were animated in midair to create a life-sized human figure for an ad >>
* Laser device zaps air to detect harmful gas >>
* Cars that coordinate with people >>
* Study finds hackers could use brainwaves to steal passwords >>
* Workflow of AI researcher has been quite different than a software developer. Peter Norvig explores how the two can come together. >>
* Amy Unruh demonstrates Google Cloud machine learning APIs and highlights OSS TensorFlow models. >>
* Adobe releases analytics tools for conversational AI >>
* The AI artist that can create its own painting style >>
* Artificial intelligence revolutionising everyday tasks >>
* Researchers create temperature sensor that runs on almost no power >>
* Ai Will Make Forging Anything Entirely Too Easy >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 June 2017

* Microsoft squeezed machine learning onto a $10 computer >>
* Future of AI is now; Augmented Intelligence, IBM's alternative definition of AI. >>
* The virtual reality girlfriends you can FEEL: Cyber dating technology provides the sensation of a girl breathing on your neck >>
* Police in Dubai have recruited a self-driving robo-car that can ‘scan for undesirables’ >>
* How to capture videos of brains in real time >>
* Scientists made an AI that can read minds >>
* AI now. For every industry. >>
* The battle of the machines: Experts say the war on ransomware could see good AI taking on bad >>
* AI will predict key moments at the Tour de France >>
* If Buddhist Monks Trained AI >>
* Tiny Mit Drones Show How To Deploy Flying Cars Without Chaos >>
* Elon Musk reveals his 'Godot' machine has started tunnelling underneath LA and completed the first segment of his controversial transport network >>
* SpaceX's Final Falcon 9 Design Coming This Year, 2 Falcon Heavy Launches in 2018 >>
* Robots are preparing to fill 200,000 vacant construction jobs >>
* This futuristic NASA ship could reach the edge of the solar system >>
* Elon Musk has officially started digging a tunnel under Los Angeles >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 June 2017

* AI is set to trigger a 'global arms war' as firms and nations battle each other to create smart software >>
* Microsoft's next big Windows update will use AI to fight malware >>
* An Ai That Predicts A Neighborhood’s Wealth From Space >>
* AI to Ensure Fewer UFOs >>
* A new microscope uses light to "cut" through tissue samples and find cancer >>
* AI Just “Landed” a Boeing 737 for the First Time By Itself >>
* The magical sideways-moving elevators from 'Harry Potter' could soon become a reality >>
* New AI tools could help customer service reps get to your complaints faster >>
* NVIDIA To Launch Graphics Cards Specifically Designed For Digital Currency Mining >>
* MIT’s gas-powered drone is able to stay in the air for five days at a time >>
* Microscope could test tumors during surgery >>
* ISIS is weaponising consumer drones and we cant stop them yet >>
* Deep-Learning Networks Rival Human Vision >>
* Network of neurons crucial for vocal learning identified >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 June 2017

* Oneweb building High-Volume Satellite Manufacturing Facility >>
* Spacex had two successful launches in weekend and has new titanium fins to handle indefinite number of flights >>
* Progress to stable laser propelled sails >>
* If EMdrive is real and scales with Q factor then we get almost Star Trek level Technology >>
* Ultra-Thin Camera Without Lenses uses optical phased array >>
* Forget Coal: Asteroid Mining Is Coming Sooner Than You Think >>
* Virtual Reality Is the Future of Shopping >>
* Drones that can both drive and fly could mean a lot for flying cars >>
* China's All-Seeing Surveillance State Is Reading Its Citizens' Faces >>
* When AI Becomes the New Face of Your Brand >>
* Jeff Bezos plans Alabama rocket engine factory to take on Elon Musk's SpaceX in battle of the billionaires >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 June 2017

* MIT’s new drones switch between flying and driving for optimal urban transport >>
* Cancer hijacks natural cell process to survive: study >>
* LG Uses Augmented Pixels’ Sensor for Better Robot Navigation and VR Tracking >>
* Smart algorithm automatically adjusts exoskeletons for best walking performance >>
* China is moderating economic weaknesses and may become reliable global engine in 5-15 years >>
* Artificial algae could help save our oceans >>
* SpaceX successfully launches and recovers second Falcon 9 in 48 hours >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 June 2017

* MIT and Google researchers have made AI that can link sound, sight, and text to understand the world >>
* Cities vie to become hubs of self-driving technology >>
* The Real Threat of Artificial Intelligence >>
* The new space race: why we need a human mission to Mars >>
* Airbus Conquers Physics With A Funky Super-fast Helicopter >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 June 2017

`* ISS Researchers Will Experiment on Artificial Organs >>
* As drought looms, could this team of scientists prove cloud seeding works? >>
* IBM-powered DNA sequencing could find bacteria in raw milk >>
* Andrew Ng announces Deeplearning.ai, his new venture after leaving Baidu >>
* These AI-generated people will haunt you forever >>
* Cable free elevator has been built and it will boost capacity and cut wait times in half >>
* Riding in a Robocar That Sees Around Corners >>
* What Does Your Smart Meter Know About You? >>
* Quantum Annealer 10,000 times faster than classical computers by 2023 >>
* Plex.ai Aims to Shake Up Auto Insurance With AI and the Blockchain >>
* The future of the Air Force is fighter pilots leading drone swarms into battle >>
* A 3D-printed bridge is being built using reinforced concrete >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 June 2017

* BabelOn is trying to create Photoshop for your voice >>
* Are Telepresence Robots the Best Way to Explore Other Worlds? >>
* Watch This Robot Navigate Like a Rat >>
* Quick-Thinking AI Camera Mimics the Human Brain >>
* Volunteers teach AI to spot slavery sites from satellite images >>
* Valve’s ‘Knuckles’ VR controller tracks individual fingers >>
* Two drones see through walls in 3D using WiFi signals >>
* Mars Rover’s AI is really good at selecting rocks to analyze >>
* NASA --Artificial Intelligence is Changing How We Explore Mars & Beyond >>
* 'Lensless camera' could FINALLY give us flat smartphones without a jutting camera nub >>
* Inside Microsoft's Ai Comeback >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 June 2017

* AI film editor can cut scenes in seconds to suit your style >>
* Stephen Hawking: Humans Should Ride a Beam of Light to Other Planets >>
* The Human Brain Project Reboots: A Search Engine for the Brain Is in Sight >>
* Google’s AI subsidiary DeepMind is partnering with another UK hospital >>
* Henry Markram Talks Brain Simulation >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 June 2017

* These drones with Wi-Fi have X-ray vision >>
* Aerospike Engine Was Considered For Shuttle, But Never Flew. That’s About To Change >>
* Amazon Prime Wardrobe will let you try on clothes before you buy them >>
* Lenovo just blew our minds with this bendable laptop concept >>
* Cancer doctors are turning to AI for a second opinion >>
* CRISPR Pioneer Jennifer Doudna On Gene Editing’s Potential For Good And Evil >>
* When AI Can Transcribe Everything >>
* Google launches its AI-powered jobs search engine >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 June 2017

* Has This Stealth Company Solved Vision-quality Vr? >>
* Israeli gigapixel camera on drones with 30 hours of endurance provide persistant surveillance of 80 square kilometers >>
* Power-Generating Paint Offers an Unlimited, Clean Fuel Source >>
* Blood test uses nanotechnology to predict aggressive prostate cancer accurately >>
* Dubai's self-flying taxis are primed for takeoff later this year >>
* A Clever Ai-powered Robot Learns To Get A Grip >>
* This startup wants to build VR headsets with ‘human eye-resolution’ >>
* 2022 will see intelligence at edge of the Internet of Things, voice as the dominant user interface and advances in DNA and microbiome apps >>
* Robot uses deep learning and big data to write and play its own music >>
* Artificial intelligence predicts patient lifespans >>
* Using Brainwaves to Guess Passwords >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 June 2017

* Amazon Is About To Transform How You Buy Groceries >>
* AI to diagnose sick cows >>
* Monsanto bets on AI to protect crops against disease >>
* Craig Venter's ‘Digital-to-Biological Converter’ Is Real >>
* AI Could Target Autism Before It Even Emerges—but It's No Cure-all >>
* Google releases new TensorFlow Object Detection API >>
* What If (Almost) Every Gene Affects (Almost) Everything? >>
* This New Atari-playing Ai Wants To Dethrone Deepmind >>
* Detecting Hazardous Radiation From Afar Now Possible >>
* When Does Amazon Become a Monopoly? >>
* Other grocery stocks plummet as Amazon buys Whole Foods for $13.7B >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 June 2017

* SpaceX May Land Mars Rocket on the Launch Stand >>
* $130 million 'Hyperloop Hotel' would allow people to travel between cities in luxury rooms >>
* Envisioning the Car of the Future as a Living Room on Wheels >>
* DeepMind now learns from human preferences – just like a toddler >>
* Facebook's AI war on terror revealed: Software is learning to spot and shut down terror groups online >>
* The supermarket with NO staff: Futuristic Chinese store automatically restocks and uses a DRONE delivery service >>
* A Colonoscopy Robot and Other Weird Biomedical Tech From IEEE's Biggest Robotics Conference >>
* An Artificial Intelligence Developed Its Own Non-Human Language >>
* Baby Genome Sequencing for Sale in China >>
* Netflix has more American subscribers than cable TV >>
* China launches its first X-ray space telescope >>
* A 3D-Printed Rocket Engine Just Launched a New Era of Space Exploration >>
* Woman raped by an Uber driver in India is now suing company for privacy violations >>
* Chinese scientists have built the first quantum satellite network >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 June 2017

* Facebook made a bot that can lie for better bargains >>
* Wireless charger uses quantum trick to power gadgets on the move >>
* Nokia rolls out its first 'petabit-class' router >>
* Police warned of drug so powerful it can kill in one breath >>
* New ultrasound 'drill' targets deep vein blood clots >>
* Voyager 1 passes another milestone: is now 138AU from home >>
* Electric-Powered Lunar Space Tug Could Facilitate Future Moon Missions >>
* Micosoft’s AI earns perfect Ms Pac-Man score >>
* Scientists may have found a way to tan skin without damaging it >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 June 2017

* Grocery Store Of The Future Is Mobile, Self-Driving, And Run By AI >>
* Chemists Have Created A Self-healing Plastic That Rebinds Like Human Skin >>
* Computer generated proteins could save world: Experts say 'AI drugs' could be key to stamping out the next deadly pandemic >>
* $200 device lets swimmers breathe underwater for up to 10 MINUTES >>
* Defibrillator drones could save lives before ambulance arrives >>
* Brain imaging reveals neural roots of caring >>
* AI that can shoot down fighter planes helps treat bipolar disorder >>
* 'Indoor GPS' could stop you getting lost – or going hungry – ever again >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 June 2017

* Smart jacket and VR headset let you pilot a drone with your body >>
* AI software accurately spots if someone is lying online by studying their mouse movements >>
* Pig brain cells implanted into brains of people with Parkinson’s >>
* Hands-on With IMAX VR in New York >>
* Intel Core i9: Everything we know about Intel's hypercharged PC processor >>
* Machine learning leverage sensors to give robots an effective sense of touch >>
* Practical flying air taxi using current tech and twice as safe as driving >>
* Lockheed will build and fly SR-72 mach 6 prototype in the early 2020s >>
* Artificial Intelligence Can Now Predict Suicide With Remarkable Accuracy >>
* Researchers Have Found a Way To Root Out Identity Thieves By Analyzing Their Mouse Movements With AI >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 June 2017

* Crispr May Cure All Genetic Disease—One Day >>
* Elon Musk says all Superchargers will run on solar and battery power >>
* The Early Age of Hypersonic Weapons >>
* Ask Slashdot: What Types of Jobs Are Opening Up In the New Field of AI? >>
* Google’s AI Eye Doctor Gets Ready to Go to Work in India >>
* Digital Imaging and AI Mean Fewer Surgeries for Breast Cancer Patients >>
* Researchers decipher how faces are encoded in the brain >>
* Blimps Seem Like the Friendliest Kind of Indoor Flying Robots >>
* Tim Cook: Technology Should Serve Humanity, Not the Other Way Around >>
* Can virtual reality find an audience at the multiplex? >>
* Will electricity be free by 2035? >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 June 2017

* Honda sets 2025 deadline to perfect self-driving cars >>
* Self-driving 'InMotion' concept puts your living room on wheels >>
* Build your own robo-puppy: Researchers unveil tool to create custom bots with 3D printed parts >>
* DeepMind Shows AI Has Trouble Seeing Homer Simpson's Actions >>
* Scientists create the world's first 2D MAGNET that is just one atom thick >>
* Google tests air traffic control system that manages lots of drones >>
* How Much Can Autonomous Cars Learn from Virtual Worlds? >>
* US aircraft shoots down large drone that dropped bombs near coalition troops in Syria >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 June 2017

* MIT's $10,000 robotic furniture is making its way to small homes >>
* DARPA wants to give you a glimpse inside the AI brain >>
* Robot Cars Can’t Count on Us in an Emergency >>
* Amazon Imagines a Future of Infinite Computing Power >>
* Someone created conductive paint that can run electricity in your home >>
* Robot dog has an artificial woof that sounds like the real thing >>
* Autonomous cars with no human backup could hit public roads next year >>
* Humans can help AI learn games more quickly >>
* MIT Students Design Mission to Huge Asteroid Apophis >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 June 2017

* Researchers create hydrogen fuel with artificial photosynthesis >>
* Elon Musk claims AI will be able to beat humans at EVERYTHING by 2030 >>
* Atari-Playing AI Learns From Your Mistakes >>
* AI researchers predict when AI will beat humans >>
* SENS Antiaging research status today >>
* Hyperloop One reveals its plans for connecting Europe >>
* The pacemaker that doesn't need a battery >>
* Breaking down Apple’s new augmented reality platform >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 June 2017

* Nanosheets: IBM’s Path to 5-Nanometer Transistors >>
* We Need to Talk About the Power of AI to Manipulate Humans >>
* Robots will be more useful if they are made to lack confidence >>
* Highlights: Apple's 2017 WWDC Keynote >>
* Apple is using AI to make Siri smarter >>
* Holographic displays are coming to a mall near you >>
* Intel Core I9-7980XE is the first consumer desktop CPU with teraFLOP performance >>
* 1st Private Space Station Will Become an Off-Earth Manufacturing Hub >>
* Here's When Machines Will Take Your Job, as Predicted by AI Gurus >>
* Google Is Already Late to China’s AI Revolution >>
* SpaceX Successfully Launches Used Dragon Cargo Ship in Historic First >>
* Rocket Labs successfully launches mostly 3D printed rocket into space and could herald price breakthrough to $5 million per launch >>
* VR glove powered by soft robotics provides missing sense of touch >>
* Watch a Navy robot submarine launch a drone >>
* Toyota Demos A Flying Car. It Crashes. >>
* Hollywood Sees Illegal Streaming Devices as 'Piracy 3.0' >>
* World's Most Powerful X-Ray Laser Creates Molecular 'Black Hole' >>
* Mitsubishi Electric’s AI Can Follow and Separate Simultaneous Speech >>
* Moore Law is Dead but GPU will get 1000X faster by 2025 >>
* We Could Build an Artificial Brain Right Now >>
* Oculus Founder Plots a Comeback With a Virtual Border Wall >>
* VR headsets could soon be half the size of the Oculus Rift >>
* ‘Deep learning’ goes faster with organized data >>
* World's largest aircraft completes test flight >>
* New 'smart' T-shirt monitors breathing in real time >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 June 2017

* Algorithm can reconstruct a criminal's face by analysing the BRAIN activity of witnesses >>
* Paul Allen and Stratolaunch Unveil Giant Plane That Can Lift Half a Million Pounds >>
* Is universe too hot for aliens to make contact? hibernating waiting for it to cool down >>
* AI will be able to beat us at everything by 2060, say experts >>
* Study suggests last-mile drone delivery could lower carbon footprint >>
* Researchers will attempt to ‘reanimate’ a corpse with stem cells >>
* Photos of human faces reassembled from monkeys’ brain signals >>
* Making AI transparent >>
* Artificial Intelligence for Everyone: A Next-Generation Customer Experience >>
* IBM’s Watson is really good at creating cancer treatment plans >>
* Technology Is Making the World More Unequal; Only Technology Can Fix This >>
* Elon Musk is officially leaving Trump's advisory councils after US withdraws from Paris climate deal >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 May 2017

* Pentagon successfully shoots down mock nuclear warhead >>
* Boom in human gene editing as 20 CRISPR trials gear up >>
* Amazon's share price tops $1,000 for the first time >>
* Experts reveal three genetic mutations that can give you extraordinary abilities >>
* Meet the Laundroid: $16,000 laundry folding robot can respond to its owner's voice >>
* Startup Uses AI To Create Programs From Simple Screenshots >>
* Scientists take a big step toward creating custom organisms >>
* AI Designers Find Inspiration in Rat Brains >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 May 2017

* Solar-powered futuristic grill cooks your food in half the time >>
* ARM's new mobile processors are built for AI on the go >>
* Elon Musk: Automation Will Force Universal Basic Income >>
* 'Anti AI AI' earpiece warning you if a machine is impersonating a human >>
* Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak predicts TESLA to create next 'Next Big Thing' in tech >>
* Dell's new 8K display is pretty amazing, but do you need it? >>
* The incredible selfie AI that can turn you into a talking bronze statue or copy any painter's syle >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 May 2017

* Apple 'Neural Engine' chip could power AI on iPhones >>
* UCF Research Could Bring 'Drastically' Higher Resolution To Your Phone and TV >>
* NASA To Make Announcement About First Mission To Touch Sun >>
* It takes 30 seconds for this BMW to morph into a real-life Transformer >>
* NASA To Make Announcement About First Mission To Touch Sun >>
* ‘Wearable’ PET brain scanner enables studies of moving patients >>
* Truly intelligent enemies could change the face of gaming >>
* Mark Zuckerberg Calls for Universal Basic Income in His Harvard Commencement Speech >>
* A Paris school is using AI to monitor distracted students >>
* Can machine learning and AI help Facebook better moderate troubling content? >>
* Google’s AlphaGo AI defeats team of five leading Go players >>
* Radio-Controlled Genes >>
* This robot arm’s AI thinks like we do about how to grab something >>
* Roborace autonomous car takes a lap in Paris >>
* Is China Outsmarting America in A.I.? >>
* Mind-controlled bionic hand can help stroke patients move again >>
* Amazon opens its first drive-through grocery store >>
* Giant KITES flying 300 metres in the air will power more than 5,000 British homes by 2020 >>
* Researchers reveal technique to 'drastically improve' screens on everything from phones to TVs >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 May 2017

* AmazonFresh opens its grocery Pickup locations in Seattle >>
* Samsung shows off stretchable screen, and it's both awesome and weird >>
* Scientists are using gene editing to try to slow cancer growth >>
* Augmented reality might be a nifty way for flight attendants to remember you >>
* A Robot Cop Is Now Patrolling the Streets of Dubai >>
* DARPA orders spaceplane capable of ten launches in ten days >>
* Robots are still laughably awful at playing soccer >>
* Watch SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy booster static test fire >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 May 2017

* This university is using facial recognition to keep intruders out of dorms >>
* Scuba dive tankless with this floating air caddie >>
* Toyota Joins Coalition to Bring Blockchain Networks to Smart Cars >>
* VR has a hard time showing you things up close, but Oculus might have a fix >>
* Cryogenics, Robot Dinos, and Other Visions of the Future >>
* AI-powered dynamic pricing turns its gaze to the fuel pumps >>
* Artificial Venus flytrap grabs things over 100 times its weight >>
* Google’s AlphaGo Levels Up From Board Games to Power Grids >>
* Scanner ‘listens’ to sperm to find the good ones >>
* US Military's XS-1 Space Plane Will Be Built by Boeing (Video) >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 May 2017

* Bricks 3D Printed Using Simulated Moondust | Video >>
* Inside Facebook's plan to eat a $350 billion market >>
* Has AI gone too far? DeepTingle turns El Reg news into terrible erotica >>
* How AI Can Infer Human Emotions >>
* Google, A.I. and the rise of the super-sensor >>
* Who needs friends anyway? Drone plays catch with a human with pinpoint accuracy >>
* The jaw-dropping moment 'real life Iron Man' defies gravity in jet engine-powered flying suit >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 May 2017

* Microsoft's true holographic display fits in your glasses >>
* Researchers Create a T-Shirt That Monitors the Wearer's Breathing Rate In Real Time >>
* Researchers Grow Brain Cells on a Chip >>
* Google’s New AI Is Better at Creating AI Than the Company’s Engineers >>
* Why astronomers are scrambling to observe the weirdest star in the galaxy this weekend >>
* MIT's camera drones are smart enough to get the perfect shot >>
* London airport to use 'digital' air traffic control tower >>
* Lab-grown stem cells could replace blood donations >>
* At I/O 2017, Google doubled down on a future built on AI >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 May 2017

* We Might Have A New Way To Push Back Space Radiation >>
* Can we just build a giant blimp to clean polluted air? >>
* Watch Google’s I/O 2017 VR keynote right here >>
* AI-Powered Software Makes It Incredibly Easy to Colorize Black and White Photos >>
* For Google, AI is the best reason to suck up all your data >>
* Microsoft will soon open its first two data centers in Africa >>
* Scientists Discover Possible First Proof of Parallel Universes >>
* Google isn’t building the ultimate VR headset. It’s setting the foundation for one >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 May 2017

* Here's all the new stuff Google announced at its I/O 2017 conference >>
* All the Cool New Stuff Google Home Can Do >>
* Google unveils VR headsets that don't need smartphones >>
* Google’s TensorFlow Lite brings machine learning to Android devices >>
* Android’s built-in AI knows what you need to copy and paste >>
* Google Lens Turns Your Camera Into a Search Box >>
* Human blood stem cells grown in the lab for the first time >>
* OpenAI’s new system lets you train robots entirely in VR >>
* What Henry Ford understood about wages >>
* Elastic Hologram Can Switch Images When Stretched >>
* Cell spheres could personalize lung treatment >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 May 2017

* New 3D printed “ovaries” enabled mice to give birth to live young >>
* 'Smart' junctions fitted with AI technology will react automatically to heavy congestion >>
* A Circuit That Sees Radiation Strikes Could Keep Errors at Bay >>
* Watts is a huge battery that powers your home >>
* The 'telepathy' ultrasound speaker that lets you communicate silently with someone 30 meters away >>
* The Pentagon is hunting ISIS using big data and machine learning >>
* Scientists Found Sperm’s Power Switch—And a Way to Turn It Off >>
* Deep Science AI monitors security feeds for masks and guns to quicken response times >>
* Google’s new IoT Core service helps businesses manage their IoT data and devices >>
* Physicists Can’t Agree on What Science Even Means Anymore >>
* Vodafone creates airborne cell site for search and rescue >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 May 2017

* Implanting pancreatic cells in your gut could cure diabetes >>
* Two major carmakers just added Android to their cars' dashboards >>
* This bioprinter is able to create almost anything in a giant tub of goo >>
* Teleretail built a delivery robot to make on-demand logistics easy for small businesses >>
* Smarter cars powered by Android >>
* Smart Spectra Is ‘Tesla of Electric Skateboards’ >>
* Google’s AI Invents Sounds Humans Have Never Heard Before >>
* Toyota wants flying cars in time for the 2020 Olympics >>
* Data is giving rise to a new economy >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 May 2017

* WSJ: Robots Aren't Destroying Enough Jobs >>
* Human DNA Will Be Synthesized Within 5 Years, Prominent Geneticist States >>
* Machine Learning Will Help Us Fix What’s Broken Before It Breaks >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 May 2017

* Fetal Pacemaker Ready for Human Trial >>
* 50 floating screens will clean the Pacific garbage patch next year >>
* A robot revolution this time in china >>
* Why using AI in policing decisions risks racial bias >>
* Early Earth Was Almost Entirely Underwater, With Just A Few Islands >>
* An Algorithm Summarizes Lengthy Text Surprisingly Well >>
* AI-equipped Apple Watch can detect the signs of a stroke >>
* First autonomous container vessel to launch in 2018 >>
* The 3D printed bionic skin that could give humans supersenses and robots a sense of touch >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 May 2017

* A Sensor That Could Soon Make Homes Scary-Smart >>
* Noise-canceling muzzle will make you look and sound like Bane >>
* A deep-learning tool that lets you clone an artistic style onto a photo >>
* Drone Uses AI and 11,500 Crashes to Learn How to Fly >>
* First timeline of a cancer tracks tumours from origin to spread >>
* Language understanding remains one of AI’s grand challenges >>
* Using AI to Detect Cancer, Not Just Cats >>
* Toyota is using Nvidia’s car supercomputer for its autonomous vehicles >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 May 2017

* MIT teaches machines to learn from each other >>
* Amazon’s ‘Echo Show’ Gives Alexa the Touchscreen It Needed >>
* UK police will start using AI to decide whether suspects should be kept in custody >>
* AI detective analyses police data to learn how to crack cases >>
* Microsoft: Mixed Reality Will Revolutionize Work Away From The Desk >>
* Project Holodeck From NVIDIA Is A Social VR Space With Realistic Physics >>
* Microsoft Maluuba is teaching machines to ask questions >>
* Microsoft launches a new service for training deep neural networks on Azure >>
* Toyota taps NVIDIA Drive PX to power its autonomous vehicles >>
* Watch The Microsoft Build 2017 Keynote >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 May 2017

* How a Helicopter Drone Could Fly on Mars >>
* The Blackbelt lets you 3D print really long items >>
* Facebook's new AI aims to destroy the language barrier >>
* This Synthetic Bone Implant Could Replace Painful Marrow Transplants >>
* The next billion-dollar startup will be in aerospace >>
* Future phones will ID devices by their electromagnetic fields >>
* This Machine Gun Robot Will Probably Lead the Uprising One Day >>
* Uber setting up artificial intelligence lab in Toronto >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 May 2017

* Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World >>
* Scientists Figure Out How to Turn Anything Into a Touchscreen Using Conductive Spray Paint >>
* Nanofridge could keep quantum computers cool enough to calculate >>
* Watch What Happens When an Algorithm Tries to Predict the Next Frame 100,000 Times in a Row >>
* Scientists create a chatbot capable of understanding human feelings >>
* The Robot Revolution Will Take Your Car, Your Mom’s Car, and All the Oil in 13 Years >>
* AI is just the modern way of doing software >>
* Drug Discovery AI Can Do in a Day What Currently Takes Months >>
* Artificial Intelligence Closes In On the Work of Junior Lawyers >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 May 2017

* X37-B Robotic space plane is back home after 719 days in space, fourth mission >>
* Scientists develop tech to create Wi-Fi holograms >>
* Amazon Leak Exposes Echo AI Device With Touch Display and FireOS >>
* AI-powered trading raises new questions >>
* Military is Using Human Brain Waves to Teach Robots How to Shoot >>
* China’s New Tool for Social Control: A Credit Rating for Everything >>
* How Scientists Think CRISPR Will Change Medicine >>
* Scientists develop device to predict clear-sky turbulence for safer air travel >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 May 2017

* Deep learning-based bionic hand grasps objects automatically >>
* Researchers find 6,500 genes differ between the sexes >>
* New Japanese Mission Will Be Going To The Moons Of Mars >>
* Scientists Are Turning WiFi Routers Into Creepy Radar Cameras >>
* Fukushima nuclear disaster gave everyone on the PLANET an X-ray's worth of radiation >>
* Researchers create first synthetic retina >>
* Facebook is hiring 3000 new content monitors for a job AI cannot do >>
* AI everywhere >>
* Lasers print ultra high-res images narrower than a human hair >>
* Robot inspector can see inside structures to check for corrosion and damage >>
* Video that reveals how a keyless car can be hacked in SECONDS using $22 of equipment >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 May 2017

* Want to Know What’s Happening in a Building? Listen in at the Breaker Box >>
* The Powerhouse of the Cell Could Be Way Hotter Than We Thought >>
* Google Maps will get even more useful with the help of those Street View cars >>
* Record-breaking 1.6-gigapixel interactive image of the Small Magellanic Cloud released >>
* TuringSense scores $3 million to build fitness trackers smart enough to train athletes >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 May 2017

* Facebook will hire 3,000 moderators to tackle livestreamed violence >>
* Artificial snow might save a glacier in the Swiss Alps >>
* AI Xprize asks for bold solutions to humanity's greatest problems >>
* SpaceX plans to deliver global satellite internet in 2019 >>
* How to Prepare for an Automated Future >>
* World's fastest camera can capture rapid molecular processes >>
* Incredible footage shows the F-35 flying through the famous 'Mach Loop' for the first time >>
* Could the US Stop Nuclear Weapons? >>
* Amazon Is Working On ‘A Completely New VR Shopping Experience’ >>
* Epic’s Tim Sweeney Thinks Full-Body VR Scanners Are Just Three Years Away >>
* George Lucas is Cooler Than Star Wars >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 May 2017

* US Adults Will Spend More Than Half the Day Consuming Media, Study Says >>
* New AI Tech Can Mimic Any Voice >>
* This smart cap won't let you forget to take your medicine >>
* Veo Robotics gives industrial robots a sixth sense for safely working around people >>
* Sent to Prison by a Software Program’s Secret Algorithms >>
* How Will We Go Beyond Moore’s Law? Experts Weigh In >>
* Nvidia Opens Up The "Black Box" of Its Robocar's Deep Neural Network >>
* Rise Of The Super Telescopes: The Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope >>
* World's Biggest Space Telescope Heads West on Path to Launchpad >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 May 2017

* This Wireless Wall Device Will Literally Monitor Your Every Step >>
* Monit’s smart diaper sensor lets parents avoid the sniff test >>
* Elon Musk says we're only 2 years from being able to nap in self-driving cars >>
* Meet the People WhoTrain the Robots (to Do Their Own Jobs) >>
* Future of uni: online with no exams? >>
* How drone swarms could help protect us from tornadoes >>
* This neural network could make animations in games a little less awkward >>
* Using CRISPR against cancer shows success in mice >>
* Get ready for a wave of TV mergers and buyouts >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 May 2017

* MIT fires a rocket motor made using 3D-printed plastic >>
* Algorithmic accountability >>
* Gene editing could lead to a vaccine for arthritis >>
* Scientists Create a Bizarre Superfluid with "Negative Mass" >>
* Wired Founding Editor Now Challenges 'The Myth of A Superhuman AI' >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 April 2017

* What will the future look like? Elon Musk speaks at TED2017 >>
* This electric surfboard can move without the waves >>
* DNA-Based Test Can Spot Cancer Recurrence a Year Before Conventional Scans >>
* Scientists Are Teaching Robots to Laugh >>
* Artificial intelligence shows potential to fight blindness >>
* The nuclear powered Dragonfly drone that could scour Titan for signs of alien life - if it wins NASA's approval >>
* Why NASA is running out of spacesuits >>
* Solving Identity Crisis In developing countries, one in three children under age five has no record of their existence >>
* Scientists Transplanted A Rat’s Head Onto Another Rat, Hoping to Replicate It in Humans >>
* China Is Racing Ahead Of The US In The Quest To Cure Cancer With CRISPR >>
* The O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference >>
* Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2017 >>
* AI and Machine Learning World 2017 >>
* Elon Musk Layers on the Crazy With His Plan for Traffic-Killing Tunnels >>
* The First 100 Days of President Trump's Critics Went Surprisingly Well >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 April 2017

* The Myth Of A Superhuman AI >>
* Researcher reveals the math of time travel and says it IS possible >>
* We could detect alien life by finding complex molecules >>
* A New Approach to 3D Printing Removes the Limitations of Gravity >>
* Elon Musk's massive tunneling machine revealed >>
* The AI that could decode what dolphins say >>
* Humanity could face a 'gorilla problem' as AI evolves to become smarter than us >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 April 2017

* Smartphone-controlled cells release insulin on demand in diabetic mice >>
* The first ever 4K video live stream from space left us wanting more >>
* Why it matters that Google Home can now identify you by voice >>
* Watson could be the key to smarter manufacturing robots >>
* Amazon launches $200 style assistant smart camera to analyse your outfit with AI >>
* Computers of the future could monitor, store and DELETE your thoughts without you ever knowing >>
* VR's latest victim: 'live' standup comedy >>
* Forget flying cars - Google's Brin secretly builds an airship >>
* Google's bizarre robot DOG is now delivering packages to homes in Boston >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 April 2017

* Artificial womb helps premature lamb fetuses grow for 4 weeks >>
* AI learns to play video game from instructions in plain English >>
* Google self-driving cars will finally take passengers >>
* Billionaire Jack Ma Says CEOs Could Be Robots in 30 Years, Warns of Decades of 'Pain' From AI >>
* AI report fed by DeepMind, Amazon, Uber urges greater access to public sector data sets >>
* The first IMAX VR arcade is a huge hit—and I can see why >>
* Uber announces partners in its master plan for flying cars >>
* What it would actually take to get to Mars by 2020 >>
* Creepy AI can clone anyone's voice with just ONE minute of audio >>
* The AI Summit San Francisco >>
* IBM's Watson AI to help Wall Street firms catch rogue traders >>
* Algorithm predicts epileptic seizures in real-time >>
* Scientists Search for Amino Acids That Might Form the Basis of Extraterrestrial Life >>
* The Race To Build An AI Chip For Everything Just Got Real >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 April 2017

* Controlling Robot Swarms With Augmented Reality >>
* Quickest we could visit another star is 69 years – here’s how >>
* Google wants 10,000 people to let them monitor their health for 4 years >>
* Machine intelligence is the future of monetization for Facebook >>
* Integrated Photonic Circuits Shrunk Down to the Smallest Dimensions Yet >>
* The world's smartest vending machine will be used to sell weed, of course >>
* China successfully launches its first robot space truck >>
/ * Ada AI is Your Personal, Mobile Physician >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 April 2017

* Scientists are racing nanocars on a solid gold track >>
* Velodyne Announces a Solid-State Lidar >>
* Watch this all-electric ‘flying car’ take its first test flight in Germany >>
* Facebook wants people to type from their brain and hear with their skin >>
* Facebook Aims to Remake Telecom With Millimeter Waves and Tether-tennas >>
* Facebook F8 Day 2: AR glasses, brain typing, skin listening, and more >>
* Mark Zuckerberg's quest to kill the smartphone could have some scary side effects >>
* Facebook's top VR researcher explains why augmented reality is the future >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 April 2017

* Facebook's latest drone delivers internet during a disaster; Tether-antenna' helicopter >>
* In Facebook’s Future, You Live Through Your Phone >>
* AI Isn’t Smart Enough (Yet) to Spot Horrific Facebook Videos >>
* Oculus’ Michael Abrash Says ‘Full’ AR Is ‘At Least 5 Years’ Away >>
* Alphabet seeks 10,000 volunteers — and their health data — for a massive medical study >>
* Scientists Invent Ultrasonic Dryer That Uses Sound To Dry Your Clothes >>
* Enormous iceberg causes tourists flock to tiny Newfoundland town >>
* SnapLogic's AI simplifies enterprise software connections >>
* This Robot Baby Factory Is the Stuff of Nightmares >>
* Blood from human babies make brains of elderly mice young again >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 April 2017

* Facebook's New VR Experience Looks Like Hell on Earth >>
* Courts Are Using AI to Sentence Criminals. That Must Stop Now >>
* Inside Mark Zuckerberg's vision for your Facebook augmented reality >>
* Mark Zuckerberg's F8 Keynote: Here's what you need to know >>
* Mark Zuckerberg confirms it IS developing a 'mind reading' brain interface >>
* You can now 'feel' objects in VR, thanks to this wearable feedback system >>
* The wristband that can diagnose diseases like diabetes and cystic fibrosis by studying SWEAT >>
* Algorithm Aims to Predict Bickering Among Couples >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 April 2017

* Berlin Startup Holoplot Tests Steerable Sound in German Train Stations >>
* Facebook Streams a Murder, and Must Now Face Itself >>
* The Last Person Born in the 19th Century Died >>
* The AI that could warn you if your wife is having a bad day >>
* Smart bandages will use 5G data to track your health >>
* AI app lets you create personalities for 'smart' silicone dolls that bond with humans >>
* Mattel’s New AI Will Help Raise Your Kids >>
* How AI is transforming the future of fintech >>
* Machine learning driving innovation at Amazon >>
* The Journey to Mars has a price tag $450 billion >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 April 2017

* Wozniak's world in 2075: 'bigger' Apple, Google, Facebook — and we'll be living in deserts >>
* AI can predict heart attacks more accurately than doctors >>
* This 'edible water bottle' could put an end to plastic packaging >>
* The future of jobs: More men doing 'women's work' >>
* The end of FM radio >>
* North Korea Probably Can’t Strike the US Yet—But It’s Still Plenty Scary >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 April 2017

* AI Learns Gender and Racial Biases from Language >>
* AI Wins $290,000 in Chinese Poker Competition >>
* Future submarines could be controlled remotely using VIRTUAL REALITY >>
* Robots to deliver food in San Francisco >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 April 2017

* Could Moon Miners Use Railguns to Launch Ore into Space? >>
* Artificial Intelligence Complete Lectures (01-23) >>
* Rise of the robots could spark fresh wave of migration as jobs >>
* Robotics students and startups: pitch and demo at TechCrunch’s robotics event >>
* Beyond Space Tourism: Jeff Bezos Sees Many Uses for Blue Origin Rocket >>
* Adobe is using AI to make your selfies look like actual photography >>
* This music video was created by an algorithm that turns sound frequencies into landscapes >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 April 2017

* Google’s AutoDraw uses machine learning to help you draw like a pro >>
* Bill Gates Wrong: The Solution to AI Taking Jobs Is Training, Not Taxes >>
* Boeing Expects To Save Millions In Dreamliner Costs Using 3D-Printed Titanium Parts >>
* Entire nervous system of an animal recorded for the first time >>
* A neural network helped researchers crack smartphone PINs using built-in motion sensors >>
* How A.I. Will Redefine Human Intelligence >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 April 2017

* Injecting virus into brain may relieve Parkinson’s symptoms >>
* AT&T paid $1.6 billion to own the next generation of wireless >>
* Speed bumps could vanish from British roads in pollution crackdown after study reveals they increase production of noxious gas >>
* People officially watch way more Netflix than YouTube >>
* VW teams with Mobvoi to make in-car AI less terrible >>
* SpaceX Rocket Could Be 100-Percent Reusable by 2018, Elon Musk Says >>
* What Will Happen When Your Company’s Algorithms Go Wrong? >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 April 2017

* Astronomers detect atmosphere around Earth-like planet 39 Light-years Away >>
* Brain rhythm may explain why sleepy brains forget >>
* This Ford crib will trick your baby into falling asleep >>
* Amazon launches Amazon Cash >>
* Japan's Scientists Believe They'll Be the First to Reach Earth's Mantle >>
* Next Job for US Air Force: Space Cop? >>
* Google DeepMind open sources Sonnet so you can build neural networks in TensorFlow even quicker >>
* Adult theme parks where you can get drunk and shoot robots, digital drugs and spray on clothes in 2050 >>
* US Navy's MQ-4C Triton drone prepares for deployment in 2018 >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 April 2017

* Neuroscientists identify brain circuit necessary for memory formation >>
* IBM Research AI technology auto-curates golf highlights at the 2017 Masters Tournament >>
* Microsoft's 'Project Scorpio' Xbox promises true 4K gaming >>
* Eight people own the same wealth as 3.6 billion other people >>
* Google Details Tensor Chip Powers >>
* This contact lens could someday measure blood glucose and other signs of disease >>
* Disney Files Patent Application For Projector-Based Augmented Reality System >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 April 2017

* Cassini’s Final Mission To Annihilation Starts April 22 >>
* Google releases YouTube Go to serve millions of people on slow internet >>
* AI predicts the layout of human stem cells >>
* ROBO-ONE Hosts First Ever Autonomous Biped Fighting Tournament >>
* IBM, Intel, Stanford Bet on AI to Speed Up Disease Diagnosis and Drug Discovery >>
* Artificial intelligence is here to predict what horrible thing Congress is going to do next >>
* Can AI Ever Be as Curious as Humans? >>
* Using AI and science to predict heart failure >>
* Boom in consumer robots with premium featured robots at less than half the price >>
* Scientists create an artificial brain connection that LEARNS like the human mind >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 April 2017

* Graphene sieve turns seawater into drinking water >>
* Ultra-pure diamond crystal at the point of convergence combines multiple lasers into one superlaser >>
* Fetch Robotics Introduces Burly New Freight Robots >>
* Rise of the robots may force ministers to introduce human worker quotas >>
* Rise of the robots may force ministers to introduce human worker quotas >>
* Upgrading humans into GODS will be the next 'billion dollar industry' expert claims >>
* Boeing unveils concept designs for its Mars Transporter and Deep Space Habitat >>
* LocusBots can now ‘talk’ to each other and collaborate in warehouses >>
* The next agricultural revolution: a ‘bionic leaf’ that could help feed the world >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 April 2017

* 'Reverse Prisma' AI turns Monet paintings into photos >>
* Nanofabrication Enables "Particle-Accelerator-on-a-Chip" Technology >>
* This smart speaker hub has Alexa and Google Assistant >>
* Scientists discover shortcut for turning grass into plane fuel >>
* Automation Makes Things Cheaper, So Why Doesn’t It Feel That Way? >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 April 2017

* Smell, the Glove >>
* Nanogrids, Microgrids, and Big Data: The Future of the Power Grid >>
* Arca Unveils The World’s First Single-stage-to-orbit Rocket >>
* Solar Probe Plus Will ‘touch’ The Sun >>
* Real life flying iron man exoskeleton created will cost about $250,000 each and requires intense Captain America like workout regimen for strength to control it >>
* The Robots Of The Future May Be Controlled By Magnetic Fields >>
* How Cars Could 'Talk' To Each Other In The Future—And Why That Has To Happen >>
* Amazon, Alibaba will use self driving vehicles, robotics, 3d printing and AI for to compete on same day delivery >>
* Baidu’s AI team taught a virtual agent just like a human would their baby >>
* When Drone Delivery Makes Sense: When You're Flying Life-Saving Blood to Hospitals >>
* Google Launched a New Machine Learning Journal and it support reactive diagrams >>
* Toyota launches $35m project to use AI to search for 'superbatteries' to power electric cars >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 March 2017

* World's first robot-operated 3D printing factory is the future of manufacturing >>
* Solar-Powered Graphene Skin Enables Prosthetics to Feel >>
* Spacex Attempting Launch Of 1st Orbit Class Recycled Rocket March 30 >>
* Scientists Discover Way To Transmit Taste of Lemonade Over Internet >>
* Artificial Intelligence Will Make Its Mark Within Next 3 Years >>
* Intel Now Packs 100 Million Transistors in Each Square Millimeter >>
* Elon Musk’s Billion-dollar Crusade To Stop The A.I. Apocalypse >>
* Baidu’s Plan for Artificial Intelligence without Andrew Ng >>
* The Future of TV 2017: Thinking outside the box about how we consume video >>
* The Future According To 'Wired' Editor Kevin Kelly >>
* Tiny human liver-on-a-chip could help put an end to animal drug testing >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 March 2017

* This building hanging from an asteroid is absurd—but let’s take it seriously for a second >>
* Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Hands-on Review: A First Look >>
* Japanese Man Is First to Receive 'Reprogrammed' Stem Cells from Another Person >>
* Amazon now delivers groceries straight to your trunk >>
* Adidas is launching biodegradable shoes that can be dissolved in 36 hours >>
* Take A Peek Inside Blue Origin’s New Shepard Crew Capsule >>
* Why the politics of the future is technology and technology is the future of politics >>
* Can robot duo track crops better than drones? >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 March 2017

* Speck-Size Computers: Now With Deep Learning >>
* The World's First 'Period' in a Dish Could Revolutionize Reproductive Medicine >>
* Musk launches company to pursue ‘neural lace’ brain-interface technology >>
* Mind-Blowing New Theory Connects Black Holes, Dark Matter, and Gravitational Waves * >>
* Researchers create artificial materials atom-by-atom >>
* Robots Are Already Replacing Human Workers at an Alarming Rate >>
* Scientist Proposes Circular Runways For Airport Efficiency >>
* AI Wields the Power to Make Flying Safer—and Maybe Even Pleasant >>
* New AI Algorithm Beats Even the World's Worst Traffic * >>
* Would YOU let a robot crawl through your intestines? >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 March 2017

* Disruptive Technologies: Understand, Evaluate, Respond >>
* Dystopian Riot Control Truck Is The Vehicle Of The Future >>
* I Took the AI Class Facebookers Are Literally Sprinting to Get Into >>
* The struggle between tech companies and government >>
* AI is mainly a stimulative technology that will create jobs >>
* Spacex launch of private citizens on a lunar orbiting mission in 2018 will use new Falcon Heavy >>
* Eyesight Technologies Will Watch You Drive, and That's a Good Thing >>
* Scientists Hack a Human Cell and Reprogram It Like a Computer >>
* Elon Musk invested early in DeepMind just to keep tabs on the progress of AI >>
* Facebook looks inward for new AI technical talent >>
* Ben Goertzel on the Future of AI >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 March 2017

* New test track for high-tech automated vehicles >>
* Recapping Google NEXT 2017: Deep Learning As A Service >>
* British Airways starts scanning faces to enable faster boarding >>
* US Navy mostly automated 'Magic Carpet' aircraft carrier landings starting 2019 >>
* Facial Recognition Software Will Soon Replace Your Wallet >>
* Norway wants to build the world’s first full-scale ship tunnel >>
* Most Cancer Is Bad Luck And Early Detection Is A Cure, Say Hopkins Researchers >>
* House of the future? £50,000 space-age home shaped like a washing machine fits FOUR rooms into one by rotating 360 degrees >>
* World's largest 'artificial sun' shines brightly for the first time >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 March 2017

* Nanochip Gas Sensors Promise Personal Air Quality Monitors in our Pockets >>
* 3D-printed cartilage cell implants thrive in baby mice >>
* This robot makes personalized salads to order >>
* “Virtual batteries” could lead to cheaper, cleaner power >>
* Scientists Can Reverse DNA Aging in Mice >>
* Scientists light up the world's largest 'artificial sun' >>
* YouTube automates sound effect captions with AI >>
* Future of farming: smart autonomous drones with eyes on the field >>
* Is Technology Uniting or Destroying Us? >>
* Vaccine that does not need refrigeration could save 500,000 lives each year from fatal diarrhoea >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 March 2017

* Dime-Size Thrusters Could Propel Satellites, Spacecraft >>
* Some aging reversal in appearance, liver, muscle and other functions with cell penetrating peptides in very old mice >>
* Artificial lungs in a backpack may free people with lung failure >>
* Artificial skin with solar cells could power prosthetics >>
* The Battle for Top AI Talent Only Gets Tougher From Here >>
* A Better Way to Organize the Internet: Content-Centric Networking >>
* How Post Intelligence Uses AI And Deep Learning To Help You Not Suck On Social Media >>
* Dell’s next-level 8K monitor is now on sale for $5,000 >>
* The Future Of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) >>
* Intel Forms New AI Group Reporting Directly To CEO Brian Krzanich >>
* Robotic fruit packed with sensors could mean you never buy rotten produce again >>
* US military is working on a secret project to prevent ISIS from launching autonomous 'suicide drones' >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 March 2017

* AutoX Slaps $50 Webcams on a Car to Make It Drive Itself >>
* Intel’s Bold Plan to Reinvent Computer Memory (and Keep It a Secret) >>
* Vodafone prepares an LTE moon shot >>
* Europe five year project to scale up molecular biocomputers, could outperform quantum computers >>
* Nokia blasts 250 Gbps across Atlantic in optical test for Facebook >>
* The glasses that give you superhuman vision: Researchers reveal filters that trick our eyes into seeing 'invisible' colors >>
* Brain's 'feel good' system: Scientists pinpoint the region that causes addictions to hijack our thoughts >>
* Software Engineering Jobs Dominate List of Best Careers for 2017 >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 March 2017

* Brilliant Motion-Tracking Dart Board Guarantees a Bullseye With Every Throw >>
* Rapping Robots Prove at Least One Job Is Safe From the Coming Android Apocalypse >>
* Forget dance classes, these smart shoes can teach you all the best moves >>
* Google launches the first developer preview of Android O >>
* Would YOU let Amazon Prime pick out your clothes? >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 March 2017

* Stunning Video of Mars That Took Three Months to Stitch Together—by Hand >>
* NASA’s PUFFER Robot Can Explore Extreme Terrains | Video >>
* World's longest skyscraper promises the 'big bend' in the sky >>
* Watch This Guy Catch a Virtual Reality Ball That Turns Out to Be Real >>
* Soon we'll actually know where planes are as they fly over the ocean >>
* SpaceX plans global ‘space internet’ >>
* Ex-Googlers Build a Neural Network to Protect Your Heart >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 March 2017

* This smart gym bag can clean your exercise gear >>
* The self-service car 'supermarket' is now a thing >>
* Machine Learning: The New Proving Ground for Competitive Advantage >>
* Our Brains Love New Stuff, and It’s Killing the Planet >>
* Amazon's Alexa is coming to your iPhone >>
* Thinking Machines: The Quest for Artificial Intelligence–and Where It’s Taking Us Next >>
* It Begins: Bots Are Learning to Chat in Their Own Language >>
* Researchers Build An AI That's Better At Reading Lips Than Humans >>
* Google's new messaging app translates your voice into emoji >>
* Big data, AI, the genome and everything >>
* Artificial Intelligence Is Learning to Predict and Prevent Suicide >>
* The First Practical Use For Quantum Computers: Chemistry >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 March 2017

* The U.S. Military Wants Its Autonomous Machines to Explain Themselves >>
* Robotic Kelp Farms Promise an Ocean Full of Carbon Neutral, Low Cost Energy >>
* Robot Knows the Right Question to Ask When It's Confused >>
* Automation that could take away human jobs can also open the massive resources of the solar system >>
* Video shows first sighting of the new Tesla Model 3 prototype >>
* Could Robots Actually Create More Jobs? >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 March 2017

* Startup Makes the First Lab-Grown Chicken Tender and Duck L'Orange >>
* Intel’s 15 Billion Reasons Why an AI Chip Revolution Has Arrived >>
* Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Plans Crewed Launch Within a Year >>
* Asteroid clay makes great radiation shield >>
* China signaling navy and air force arms race in response to Trump military buildup plans >>
* Google’s DeepMind makes an AI program that learns like a HUMAN by using old knowledge to solve new problems >>
* The 'robo-hands' that can be worn by surgeons to remotely control surgical tools INSIDE patients' bodies >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 March 2017

* Quantum Algorithm Classifies 9,500 Handwritten Numbers >>
* MIT lab’s smart boots could keep astronauts on their feet >>
* It’s Possible to Hack a Phone With Sound Waves, Researchers Show >>
* Laser pulses in air detect uranium from afar >>
* Peak Car Ownership is near - beginning of the fall of car ownership >>
* Google Cloud Next '17: A Dizzying Array Of New Features And Capabilities On Day 2 >>
* Signal's encrypted video calling is now available to all >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 March 2017

* A biocompatible stretchable material for brain implants and ‘electronic skin’ >>
* Washable heartbeat sensors can now be embroidered onto clothing >>
* The next robot crawling through your gut could be a gummi bear >>
* Entanglement of quantum clocks through gravity >>
* Brain has more than 100 times higher computational capacity than previously thought, say UCLA scientists >>
* The Robot That Can Fold Your Laundry In Less Than Three Minutes >>
* Space Race 2.0: Boosting Into Orbit Not Just For Superpowers Anymore >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 March 2017

* This company can track motion with sound instead of light >>
* With Synthetic Biology Software, Geneticists Design Living Organisms From Scratch >>
* How Drive.ai Is Mastering Autonomous Driving with Deep Learning >>
* Robot uses social feedback to fetch objects intelligently >>
* What To Do When Machines Do Everything: How to Get Ahead in a World of AI, Algorithms, Bots, and Big Data >>
* China developing reusable rocket that will be able to send manned missions to the moon >>
* Preparing for our posthuman future of artificial intelligence >>
* Google's DeepMind plans bitcoin-style health record tracking for hospitals >>
* Artificial Cognification: In the Future Everything Will Be Smart >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 March 2017

* Eric Schmidt: ‘Big data is so powerful, nation states will fight’ over it >>
* The 'robot lawyer’ giving free legal advice to refugees >>
* IBM wants to protect senior citizens by tracking nearly their every move >>
* A new Google tool actually lets you search videos for specific objects >>
* Google can use machine learning to identify objects in videos >>
* AI adoption at the atomic level of jobs and work >>
* Deep learning that's easy to implement and easy to scale >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 March 2017

* IBM fits a bit on an atom, eyeing ever-smaller devices 600 terabits per square inch. >>
* Future iPhones to get 4K with new PowerVR graphics architecture >>
* Rocket that launches from the AIR: China to develop new projectile >>
* The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World >>
* How to control robots with your mind >>
* Scientists Have Created the First Artificial Embryo Without Using an Egg or Sperm >>
* Airbus unveils an autonomous, modular flying car concept >>
* Feeling AI Anxiety? 41% of Americans Fear Getting Replaced by Tech >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 March 2017

* Airbus reveals a modular, self-piloting flying car concept >>
* Blue Origin reveals the ‘New Glenn’ takeoff and landing sequence in new video >>
* In Hospital ICUs, AI Could Predict Which Patients Are Likely to Die >>
* Meet Flippy, a burger grilling robot from Miso Robotics and CaliBurger >>
* IBM Expanding Cloud Quantum Computer Tenfold >>
* How AI Is Changing The Way Companies Are Organized >>
* Hyperloop One in talks with India >>
* IBM Watson Takes On Autism >>
* IBM, Salesforce join AI forces with Watson, Einstein >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 March 2017

* Researchers use brain waves to correct robot mistakes >>
* New Microscopy Tech Offers a Kind of “Nano-GPS” for Measuring Magnetism of Atoms >>
* Lightning from space: Satellite promises a 'quantum leap' in forecasting >>
* Tattoos with conductive ink create electrical circuits on your skin that can store data >>
* Where Does The Human Brain Get Its Energy? >>
* This HoloLens Prototype Brings Golf to AR >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 March 2017

* Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins >>
* Mixed reality arcades are the next big market opportunity — but not for VCs >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 March 2017

* Mobile 3D printer can build an entire house in just 24 hours >>
* NASA Considers Magnetic Shield to Help Mars Grow Its Atmosphere >>
* Artificial embryo grown in a dish from two types of stem cells >>
* ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Has Become Meaningless >>
* The Battle For VR Is No Longer About Headsets, It’s About OS >>
* Bigelow Aerospace offers plan for an expandable space station orbiting the moon by 2020 >>
* Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin To Offer 'Amazon-Like' Moon Delivery By 2020 >>
* Li-Ion Battery Inventor Creates Breakthrough Solid-State Battery, Holds 3X Charge >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 March 2017

* From singing posters to talking t-shirts: Tech turns everyday objects into FM radio stations >>
* Empathy device lets a friend’s brain signals move your hand >>
* NASA study measures massive temperature spikes of wind INSIDE black hole >>
* Netflix Uses AI in Its New Codec To Compress Video Scene By Scene >>
* Facebook Uses Machine Learning To Spot Suicidal Users >>
* Robots could be covered in HUMAN FLESH to help grow skin grafts for the injured >>
* The Tiny Robots Will See You Now >>
* 'Robots Won't Just Take Our Jobs -- They'll Make the Rich Even Richer' >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 March 2017

* JPMorgan Software Does in Seconds What Took Lawyers 360,000 Hours >>
* Could robotics enable a complete or near complete takeover with minimal response ? >>
* YouTube launches streaming TV service with 40 channels and unlimited cloud DVR storage >>
* McDonald's could kill the drive-thru as we know it >>
* Intel hopes 5G will breathe new life into its smartphone business >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 March 2017

* SpaceX plans to send two people around the Moon >>
* Introducing Handle; Boston Dynamics >>
* Hyperloop One is in early talks with the Indian government >>
* Neural networks promise sharpest-ever telescope images >>
* Large scale 1000 mile quantum networks less difficult with new quantum repeater design >>
* Scientists have found a way of growing human tissue on apples >>
* Bill Gates explains 'the big milestone' in technology he wants to see in his lifetime >>
* Fast Radio Bursts Are Astronomy’s Next Big Thing >>
* Netflix's CEO plans on putting buffering to bed >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 February 2017

* Sony projector turns any surface into a touchscreen >>
* Bioprinter makes fully functional human skin >>
* NTT DoCoMo demos VR control of robots over 5G >>
* Big permanent moonbase by 2021 using Spacex and Bigelow has been the obvious non-corrupt choice for years >>
* New 'Silver Bullet' pill powered by your own stomach acid sends data straight to your phone while it works >>
* Amazon, Google, Salesforce And Leading Roboticists On The Golden Age Of AI >>
* The Search for a New Test of Artificial Intelligence >>
* NASA 2018 --Will Send Its First Robotic Mission to Solve Enduring Mysteries of Our Sun >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 February 2017

* Microsoft invests in real-time maps for drones, and someday, flying cars >>
* An ultra-low-power artificial synapse for neural-network computing >>
* AI and the future of music >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 February 2017

* Smart Road to Parked Car: Talk to Me >>
* AI Predicts Autism By Comparing Babies' Brains >>
* Studios Push for $50 Early Home Movie Rentals >>
* Augmented reality lets cars communicate to reduce road rage >>
* Experts predict AI 'ghost ships' and battlebots are the future of the US military >>
* Artificial intelligence 'will save wearables'! >>
* Amazon Echo Now Has 10,000 Mostly Useless 'Skills' >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 February 2017

* AI learns to write its own code by stealing from other programs >>
* Google Just 'Shattered' An Old Crypto Algorithm -- Here's Why That's Big For Web Security >>
* EE’s Drones, Balloons Provide Cell Service in Rural UK >>
* Alphabet fights 'toxic' comments with machine learning >>
* Vasimr plasma rocket targeting 100 hours continuous operation at 100 kW in 2018 >>
* Russia announces plans to fly nine tourists to the MOON by 2022 >>
* There are two very different kinds of AI, and the difference is important >>
* From drugs to galaxy hunting, AI is elbowing its way into boffins' labs >>
* This tiny camera could give drones predator vision >>
* DeepCoder builds programs using code it finds lying around >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 February 2017

* New Paradigm in Microscopy: Atomic Force Microscope on a Chip >>
* The Race to Map the Human Body—One Cell at a Time >>
* Intuition Is The Highest Form Of Intelligence >>
* Flourescent biotechnology for high lighting solid cancer for more complete surgical removal >>
* MIT creates an intelligent power supply that lets hardware sip energy >>
* $150 coffee mug keeps your coffee hot for 24 hours >>
* If AI Can Fix Peer Review in Science, AI Can Do Anything >>
* Molten Silicon thermal energy storage system has higher energy density and ten times lower cost than lithium ion batteries for utility storage >>
* Virtual reality will take 'maybe a decade' to become mainstream >>
* How AI And Real-Time Machine Data Helps Kone Move Millions Of People A Day >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 February 2017

* Apple reportedly buys an AI-based face recognition startup >>
* Microsoft CEO says artificial intelligence is the 'ultimate breakthrough' >>
* Using Virtual Reality Underwater Is Weird (but Fun) >>
* Chinese Scientists Have Restored Cells of the Woolly Mammoth >>
* Genetically-modified cows without horns are created >>
* Bill Gates wants a robot tax to compensate for job losses >>
* The world's first HOVERBIKE is here! >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 February 2017

* Spacex will delay their first unmanned Red Dragon Mars mission until 2020 >>
* DNA nanocomputer detect antibodies and could be used to control drug delivery into the bloodstream >>
* The United Arab Emirates wants to build a city on Mars >>
* Lab grown meat prices have dropped 30,000 times in less than four years >>
* Facebook plans to use AI to identify terrorist propaganda >>
* Scientists have discovered how to find your bad memories and DELETE them from your mind for good >>
* Unlocking the potential of eye tracking technology >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 February 2017

* Bill Gates: The Robot That Takes Your Job Should Pay Taxes >>
* Android Phone Hacks Could Unlock Millions of Cars >>
* Woolly mammoth on verge of resurrection, scientists reveal >>
* Ex Google CEO underestimated AI but New CEO Pichai sees transition from smartphone era to AI era >>
* The Universe Has A Lithium Problem >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 February 2017

* SpaceX Launching Lightning Tracker, 'Three-Eyed' Raven, Deadly Superbug for NASA >>
* Underwater 'Space Base' Used For Mars Mission Simulation | Highlight Video >>
* Elon Musk wants to speed up tunneling by 10 times and lower costs by 10 to 100 tines and create 30 layers of mostly underground cities >>
* Disney develops Wireless Power Transfer and demonstrates safe transfer of 1900 watts with 40-95% efficiency >>
* Google Fiber Sheds Workers As It Looks to a Wireless Future >>
* Magnetic Control Could Help Robots Navigate Inside Your Body >>
* This futuristic wind generator is actually bladeless >>
* Google’s A.I. Duet experiment lets you jam with the machine >>
* Donald Trump: 'I inherited a mess' >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 February 2017

* DARPA's new drone wants to cover the sea with air support >>
* Feel like a spot of planet-hunting? Here's 1,600 suns worth of data >>
* AI is learning to speed read >>
* Uber Has a Murder Problem >>
* To Get AI in Everyday Gadgets, Engineers Go to Specialized Hardware >>
* MIT develops a speech recognition chip that uses a fraction of the power of existing technologies >>
* Computer program ‘stretches’ lungs to mimic emphysema >>
* Virtual reality device can simulate WEATHER including wind in your face and sun on your back >>
* Elon Musk: Humans must merge with machines or become irrelevant in AI age >>
* “The Relentless Pace of Automation” >>
* Chips coming by June will herald the next generation of Wi-Fi: 802.11ax >>
* Scientists are making VR displays that match your eyesight >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 February 2017

* NASA rocket will form artificial clouds in space >>
* Scientists spotted a supernova just hours after it exploded >>
* How Chinese Internet Giant Baidu Uses AI And Machine Learning >>
* Liquid battery could last for over 10 years >>
* Physicists Teach AI to Identify Exotic States of Matter >>
* MEGADRONE big enough to carry a passenger could be flying around Dubai in July >>
* Virtual reality weather add-ons let you feel the sun and wind >>
* Elon Musk doubles down on universal basic income: 'It's going to be necessary' >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 February 2017

* AI learns to solve quantum state of many particles at once >>
* The great ai awakening >>
* Google Test Of AI's Killer Instinct Shows We Should Be Very Careful >>
* Mark Zuckerberg reveals Oculus virtual reality gloves that let you TYPE in thin air >>
* New machine-learning algorithms may revolutionize drug discovery — and our understanding of life >>
* The AI Threat Isn’t Skynet. It’s the End of the Middle Class >>
* Intel's priciest chip has 24 cores and sells for $8,898 >>
* The State of the Art of Artificial General Intelligence >>
* NASA Plans to Drill Into Europa's Crust In Search of Life >>
* The new retirement: work until you drop >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 February 2017

* Incredible video shows a ROBOT piloting a drone all by itself >>
* Google officially brings WebVR to Chrome >>
* Algae can survive nearly a year and a half in outer space >>
* This Technology Could Finally Make Brain Implants Practical >>
* Google’s DeepMind pits AI against AI to see if they fight or cooperate >>
* Could Artificial Intelligence Ever Become A Threat To Humanity? >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 February 2017

* We finally have a computer that can survive the surface of Venus >>
* Here Are All The 2017 VR Sessions At F8, Facebook’s Developer Conference >>
* Human Activity May Cause the Bees to Just Give Up >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 February 2017

* SideArm Catches Full-Size Unmanned Aerial System Flying at Full Speed >>
* SpaceX plans to launch a rocket every two weeks >>
* Scientists Measure Single Quantum of Heat >>
* Researchers have found a way to trace your spit to migration patterns across the US >>
* AI For Matching Images With Spoken Word Gets A Boost From MIT >>
* Pimax 8K VR Headset Not Yet Ready For Primetime, But 4k Model Impresses >>
* A real flying submarine drone >>
* Sony’s latest smartphone camera sensor can shoot at 1,000fps >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 February 2017

* Terahertz wireless could make spaceborne satellite links with speed over 100 gigabits per second >>
* Engineers harness stomach acid to power tiny sensors >>
* Police drones, robo surgeons and chatbot civil servants. What could go wrong? >>
* Scientists map every atom inside a nanoparticle >>
* Algorithms crunch calls to health insurer for signs of disease >>
* Amazon to open a giant ROBOT-run supermarket staffed by just three humans: Droid assistants will grab your groceries while you wait in the car >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 February 2017

* Researchers at Tenn. lab set record for communications speed 1.67 bits per qubit >>
* New Theory Suggests That Consciousness Is a Byproduct of Entropy >>
* Elon Musk tweets picture of his tunneling machine as he plans to make tunneling up to ten times faster >>
* uBeam shows off futuristic wireless charging tech in its first public demo >>
* AI Is About to Learn More Like Humans—with a Little Uncertainty >>
* Can The Mayhem AI Automate Bug-Patching? >>
* Google Word Lens translates written Japanese in realtime >>
* All Of The 2017 Super Bowl Ads Worth Watching >>
* The AI controlled robo-jacket that can keep you comfortable whatever the weather >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 February 2017

* Device Reads Brain Activity To Help Locked-in People Communicate >>
* Tiny spacecraft could brake at exoplanet using alien starlight >>
* Leaked video shows new ‘nightmare-inducing’ wheeled robot from Boston Dynamics >>
* Robotic Grocers Have Learned How to Handle Your Vegetables >>
* Vortex Coronagraph A Game Changer For Seeing Close In Exoplanets >>
* Mosquitos are beating gene editing with rapid evolution >>
* How an Interstellar Starship Could Actually Explore Alpha Centauri >>
* FDA Is Cracking Down On Rogue Genetic Engineers >>
* The first private space station: Axiom to blast commercial module to the ISS in 2020 >>
* MIT Made a Wearable That Knows How a Conversation’s Going >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 February 2017

* Woman was kept alive with no lungs for six days while awaiting a transplant >>
* Korean researchers enhance image quality of 3D dynamic holographic displays by 2,600 times and no glasses are needed >>
* Researchers teach cars to work together with or without drivers via Wi-Fi >>
* Intergalactic Void Is Pushing The Milky Way Through The Universe >>
* Netflix project lets you mind-control its interface >>
* Inside the ‘Tunnel’ Elon Musk Is Already Digging Under Los Angeles >>
* AI tracks your every move and tells your boss if you’re slacking >>
* Innovative Direct-Current Microgrids to Solve India’s Power Woes >>
* AI Decisively Defeats Human Poker Players >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 January 2017

* Self-Healing Transistors for Chip-Scale Starships >>
* NASA's reconfigurable radio can track planes over oceans >>
* Deep Learning Will Radically Change the Ways We Interact with Technology >>
* Google’s Go-Playing Machine Opens the Door to Robots that Learn >>
* Elon Musk's private escape tunnel is a step closer to becoming a reality >>
* Hybrid cars can save fuel through nature-like algorithms >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 January 2017

* Your Introduction To AR Will Most Likely Be In Your Car >>
* First 3-D observation of nanomachines working inside cells >>
* AI-based typing biometrics might be authentication's next big thing >>
* Google Translate Is About To Get a Lot Better, Thanks To Its Machine Learning Push >>
* Forget Autonomous Cars—Autonomous Ships Are Almost Here >>
* Artificial intelligence and the law >>
* Trump immigration ban sends shockwaves through tech industry >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 January 2017

* AI agony aunt learns to dole out relationship advice online >>
* This iPhone App Can Do Your Kid's Homework >>
* Artificial intelligence can spot skin cancer as well as a trained doctor >>
* Vanishing point: the rise of the invisible computer >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 January 2017

* D-Wave's $15 million quantum computer runs a staggering 2,000 qubits >>
* The AI that will search for alien life: NASA reveals smart drone to search oceans of Europa >>
* 5 Teams Move Forward in Google Lunar XPrize Moon Race >>
* This Amazing Video Shows Just How Much Software Has Eaten the World >>
* Learning to Live Gracefully with Change and Uncertainty >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 January 2017

* Building Human-Level A.I. Will Require Billions of People >>
* Making AI systems that see the world as humans do >>
* Nano-Radios and Molecular-Sized Solar Cells, Best of WT >>
* Algorithm-Driven Design: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Design >>
* The genomics intelligence revolution >>
* Bigelow Aerospace Seeking More Use of Experimental Space Station Module >>
* Scientists built an AI that is smarter than most adults >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 January 2017

* Researchers use ultrasound to push helpful RNA inside cells >>
* Superfast Camera Sees Shockwave From Light >>
* "Neural Tourniquet" Zaps a Nerve to Stop Bleeding >>
* China's 1st Hack-Proof Quantum Satellite: "Now Operational" --Launches a New World >>
* The inauguration of President Donald Trump >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 January 2017

* Soft Robot Hugs Your Heart to Keep It Pumping >>
* For $149 a Month, the Doctor Will See You as Often as You Want >>
* China aims to build world’s first exascale supercomputer prototype by end of 2017 >>
* AxonVR Brings Realistic Touch Sensations to Virtual Reality >>
* Wearable sensors can alert you when you are getting sick, Stanford study shows >>
* AI software is figuring out how to best humans at designing new AI software >>
* Wearable Sensors Spot Lyme Disease >>
* Square Kilometre Array precursor shrinks 5TB of data to 22MB – every second! >>
* DARPA is demonstrating a robotic co-pilot for planes and helicopters >>
* Physicists who created 'pure nothingness' say they detected something astonishing inside of it >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 January 2017

* Scientists Can Now Sequence DNA With a Smartphone >>
* First baby born using 3-parent technique to treat infertility >>
* Laser Weapons Will Turn Earth's Atmosphere into Lenses, Deflector Shields >>
* NASA Is Making New Robots That Can Control Themselves >>
* Ambulances in Sweden can now block car radios >>
* DoorDash and Postmates test deliveries with robots >>
* 5G wireless will be a general purpose technology like the steam engine that will boost the global economy by $3 trillion by 2035 >>
* NASA planning mission to an asteroid worth $10,000 quadrillion >>
* Live stream: Obama’s parting words as President >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 January 2017

* Scientists create 3D-printed objects that can change shape after they’re printed >>
* Smart bullets will help warships fend off drone swarms >>
* Microsoft CEO says AI should help, not replace, workers >>
* CES 2017: Can a Self-Steering Antenna Fix Both Wi-Fi and TV Reception Issues? >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 January 2017

* Airbus working on flying cars, flying buses, ridesharing flying vehicles >>
* Understanding our new President’s priorities through Twitter >>
* Samsung Heir Faces Arrest In Presidential Corruption Scandal >>
* Airbus plans to test self-driven airborne taxi by the end of 2017 >>
* US Navy developing 'Iron Man' smart body armor that can detect brain injuries if soldiers are blown up >>
* Sysadmin chatbots: We have the technology >>
* The Stem-Cell Revolution Is Coming — Slowly >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 January 2017

* SpaceX Nails 1st Stage Landing Again In Return To Flight | Video >>
* IBM predicts 5 technologies for 2022 which includes hyperimaging and AI will give us superhero vision >>
* Netflix might have hit a ceiling in the US -- and its key to growth could be traditional TV >>
* Poker AI competes to beat top players in no-limit game >>
* Voice-controlled devices shift tech industry >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 January 2017

* 20-cent whirligig toy can replace a $1,000 medical centrifuge >>
* AI 'friends' will help you pass the time on autonomous drives >>
* Illumina Introduces the NovaSeq Series—a New Architecture Designed to Usher in the $100 Genome sequence >>
* NASA’s Most Powerful Rocket Just Hit a Critical Milestone >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 January 2017

* Gene-silencing spray lets us modify plants without changing DNA >>
* AI might handpick your customer service rep >>
* Where has and where will the Mundane Singularity provide the most disruption ? >>
* Prediction that 2017 will not be the investment win year for AI, VR and driverless cars >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 January 2017

* How Far to That Galaxy? Thousands of Cosmic Distances Now Catalogued >>
* Incredible New Image Shows the Earth and Moon From Mars >>
* Smart bikinis that monitor UV exposure, vibrating jeans point you in right direction and boxer shorts that protect from radiation >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 January 2017

* Anti-surveillance clothing aims to hide wearers from facial recognition >>
* Scientists confirm a 'new' human organ >>
* A Stomach Grown In A Petri Dish Could Help Scientists Understand Our Guts >>
* PowerRay drone can track fish underwater - and even drag your hook to them >>