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Most of lifes failures were people that didnt know how close they were to success when they gave up. - Thomas Edison
Must Reads, ie Worth Reading RSS Section feed
Age of Spiritual Machines Age of Spiritual Machines
Ending Aging: The Rejuvenation Biotechnologies That Could Reverse Human Aging in Our Lifetime  Ending Aging
Engines of Creation: Coming Era of Nano Engines of Creation: Coming Era of Nano
Fantastic Voyage Fantastic Voyage
The Singularity is Near The Singularity is Near
Books to Read - A List RSS Section feed
Onsingularity.com 10,000 Year Explosion
4-Hour-Workweek 4-Hour-Workweek
50 Genetics Ideas You Really Need To Know 50 Genetics Ideas You Really Need To Know
A General Theory of Love A General Theory of Love
A Whole New Mind A Whole New Mind
Accelerando Accelerando
America as Empire America as Empire
An Army of Davids An Army of Davids
Annihilation from Within: The Ultimate Threat to Nations  Annihilation from Within
Antimatter Antimatter
Book Artificial Beings
Artificial General Intelligence (Cognitive Technologies) (Hardcover)  Artificial General Intelligence
As the Future Catches You As the Future Catches You
Beyond AI: Conscience of the Machine Beyond AI: Conscience of the Machine
Beyond Human: Living with Robots and Cyborgs Beyond Human: Living with Robots and Cyborgs
Blow-up. Images from the Nanoworld Blow-up. Images from the Nanoworld
Brain Rules: 12 Principles Brain Rules: 12 Principles
Breakpoint Breakpoint
Recommended by Ray Chasing Life
Clean Code Clean Code
Click: What Millions of People Are Doing Online and Why it Matters Click: What People Do Online and Why it Matters
Collapse of Complex Societies Collapse of Complex Societies
Connections Connections
Decoding the Universe: How the New Science of Information Is Explaining Everything in the Cosmos,from Our Brains to Black Holes  Decoding the Universe
Deep Economy The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future Deep Economy
Dilbert Books Dilbert Books
Emotional Design: Why We Love (Or Hate) Things Emotional Design: Why We Love (Or Hate) Things
End of the American Century (book) End of the American Century (book)
Endless Universe: Beyond-Big-Bang Endless Universe: Beyond-Big-Bang
Entangled Minds: Experiences in Quantum Reality  Entangled Minds: Experiences in Quantum Reality
Everybody-Organizing-Without-Orgs Everybody-Organizing-Without-Orgs
FAB-Desktop-Computers-Fabrication FAB-Desktop-Computers-Fabrication
Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything
Futuremind (book soon) Futuremind (book soon)
Geeks Bearing Gifts Geeks Bearing Gifts
Generation We: How Millennial Youth are Taking Over America And Changing Our World Forever Generation We
Get Back in the Box : Innovation from the Inside Out Get Back in the Box : Innovation from the Inside Out
Global Catastrophic Risks Global Catastrophic Risks
Godel,Escher,Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid Godel,Escher,Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid
Hot,Flat,and Crowded Hot,Flat,and Crowded
How Brain Science Is Changing Our World How Brain Science Is Changing Our World
I am a Strange Loop I am a Strange Loop
The Intelligent Universe: AI,ET,and the Emerging Mind of the Cosmos Intelligent-Universe (2007)
Jump the Curve: 50 Essential Strategies to Help Your Company Stay Ahead of Emerging Technologies Jump the Curve: 50 Strategies Stay Ahead .. Tech
Kluge:Haphazard Construction of Human Mind Kluge:Haphazard Construction of Human Mind
Liberation Biology: The Scientific And Moral Case For The Biotech Revolution Liberation Biology
Liftport: Opening Space to Everyone Liftport
loose wire Loose wire
Mavericks at Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win Mavericks at Work:
Moral Machines Moral Machines
Nanoethics Nanoethics
Nanofuture - Whats Next For Nanotechnology  Nanofuture - Whats Next For Nano
Nanosystems:Molecular Machinery,Manufacturing.. Nanosystems:Molecular Machinery,Manufacturing..
Nanotechnology Challenges: Implications for Philosophy,Ethics and Society  Nanotechnology Challenges
Nanotechnology For Dummies (For Dummies (Math & Science))  Nanotechnology For Dummies
unplggd.com OLED Wallpaper On The Way
kk.org Open Source DNA
Overclocked: Stories of the Future Present  Overclocked: Stories of the Future Present
Parallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation,Higher Dimensions,and the Future of the Cosmos  Parallel Worlds
Physics for Future Presidents (book) Physics for Future Presidents (book)
Physics of the Impossible: Scientific Exploration into the World of Phasers,Force Fields,Teleportation,and Time Travel  Physics of the Impossible
Pirates Dilemma: Reinventing Capitalism (Book) Pirates Dilemma: Reinventing Capitalism (Book)
Programming the Universe Programming the Universe
Radical Evolution Radical Evolution
Rapture for the Geeks: When AI Outsmarts IQ Rapture for the Geeks: When AI Outsmarts IQ
Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology
Revolutionary Wealth Revolutionary Wealth
Seek Out New Life: Biology of Star Trek Seek Out New Life: Biology of Star Trek
Sex and War: How Biology Explains Warfare and Terrorism and Offers a Path to a Safer World  Sex and War
Society without God: What the Least Religious Nations Can Tell Us About Contentment Society without God
Spent: Sex,Evolution,and Consumer Behavior  Spent: Sex,Evolution,and Consumer Behavior
Stupid Ugly Unlucky Rich Stupid Ugly Unlucky Rich
Systems of Survival Systems of Survival
The Big Switch: Rewiring the World,from Edison to Google  The Big Switch
The Change Function: Why Some Technologies Take Off and Others Crash and Burn The Change Function
The Emotion Machine : Commonsense Thinking..... The Emotion Machine
The End of Medicine : How Silicon Valley will reboot your Doctor The End of Medicine
The Female Brain The Female Brain
Radical Re-Vision of Capitalism The Genius of the Beast
The God Delusion  The God Delusion
The Hidden Pattern: A Patternist Philosophy of Mind The Hidden Pattern
The Long Tail,Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More The Long Tail
The Minds I, Fantasies,Reflections on Self and Soul  The Minds I, Fantasies,Reflections on Self and Soul
The Myths of Innovation  The Myths of Innovation
amazon.com The Nature of Technology
The New Asian Hemisphere The New Asian Hemisphere
The New Influencers The New Influencers
The Next 100 Years The Next 100 Years
The One Minute Manager The One Minute Manager
The Origin of Wealth The Origin of Wealth
The Secret Behind The Secret The Secret Behind The Secret
The Shift Age The Shift Age
The Shock Doctrine The Shock Doctrine
@HarvardBiz The Wealth of Networks
Total Recall Total Recall
Ray Kurzweil,Terry Grossman  Transcend-Nine-Steps-Living-Forever
Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us Tribes
The Way We Will Be 50 Years from Today: 60 Of The Worlds Greatest Minds Share Their Visions of the Next Half-Century  Way We Will Be 50 Years from Today
What Intelligence Tests Miss What Intelligence Tests Miss
Wil McCarthy Wil McCarthy
Work Hard. Be Nice Work Hard. Be Nice
Year Million: Science Far Edge of Knowledge Year Million: Science Far Edge of Knowledge
futureoftheinternet and how to stopit futureoftheinternet and how to stopit
librarything suggestions librarything suggestions
Books to Read - B List RSS Section feed
Everything Bad Is Good for You Everything Bad Is Good for You
Nano Book List Nano Book List
Nanochemistry : A Chemical Approach to Nanomaterials Nanochemistry
The Future Survey  The Future Survey "Top 30" Books
Online Books RSS Section feed
Quantium Dots & Programmable Matter Hacking Matter (OnlineBook)
2003 Articles KurzweilAi Ray K - Reader Articles
The Day you discard your body The Day you discard your body
Unbounding the Future: the Nanotechnology Revolution  Unbounding the Future
Interfaces RSS Section feed
360o Video 360o Video
3D Display 3D Display
3D air-mouse 3D air-mouse
strukt.com 70-inch Multitouch Surface
Bestiario - Spatial Web Projects Bestiario - Spatial Web Projects
Bionic eyes Bionic eyes
Brain Control Game Interface Brain Control Game Interface
Brain Loop Brain Loop
Bumptop UI Goes 3d Bumptop UI Goes 3d
Cheap VR  Cheap VR
Gester Computer Interface Gester Computer Interface
Hands Only Multi-Touch Hands Only Multi-Touch
High Res Projectors High Res Projectors
Holograms - Musioneyeliner  Holograms - Musioneyeliner
I/O Brush I/O Brush
Latest Webcam Multi-touch Latest Webcam Multi-touch
LightGlove LightGlove
MicroEmissive Display (MED) MicroEmissive Display (MED)
istartedsomething.com Microsoft Office Labs vision 2019
Microsoft SideSight Microsoft SideSight
Microsoft Touch Wall Microsoft Touch Wall
Mobile with mini-projector  Mobile with mini-projector
MultiTouch Hologram - VisionAire MultiTouch Hologram - VisionAire
Multitouch Game - Missle Command Multitouch Game - Missle Command
onlive.com Onlive
Powerwall Graphics QuadroFX5800 Powerwall Graphics QuadroFX5800
QB1 Computer: Just Gestures QB1 Computer: Just Gestures
Ringo - holographic shadow Ringo - holographic shadow
Robo Mower Robo Mower
Robotics Developer Studio 2008 Robotics Developer Studio 2008
SelfRepFab+SelfAssemblingRobots=(OMG) SelfRepFab+SelfAssemblingRobots=(OMG)
Sixth Sense Demo Sixth Sense Demo
Sony bendable see-thru video glasses. Sony bendable see-thru video glasses.
Sphere MultiTouch Display Sphere MultiTouch Display
Telepathic Phone Calls Telepathic Phone Calls
Touch Screen Maker Touch Screen Maker
Video eye wear (Vuzix) Video eye wear (Vuzix)
Video eye wear (lumus-optical) Video eye wear (lumus-optical)
Watch Phone Watch Phone
electronic paper electronic paper
flexible computers use displays with any shape flexible computers use displays with any shape
i-cocoon i-cocoon
simtrix (New Comp Interface device) simtrix (New Comp Interface device)
08 New and Watch List RSS Section feed
Bryan Bishop - Mega Link Collection Bryan Bishop - Mega Link Collection
Human Genetic Variation Human Genetic Variation
Mobile projectors as soon as q4 08 Mobile projectors as soon as q4 08
Plastic Logic Reader Plastic Logic Reader
Rollerable Displays to Production Rollerable Displays to Production
simtrix (New Comp Interface device) simtrix (New Comp Interface device)
Conference Transcripts RSS Section feed
.08 Convergence08 - live blog .08 Convergence08 - live blog
Computer Human Interface Conference 09 .09 Comp Human Interface (Apr4-9)
07  NanoTechnology Roadmap conference 07 NanoTechnology Roadmap conference
07 CRN Conference 07 CRN Conference
07 CRN Conference Transcript Blog 07 CRN Conference Transcript Blog
07 Singularity Summit Transcript Blog 07 Singularity Summit Transcript Blog
07 Terasem Colloquium on the Law of Transbeman Persons  07 Terasem Colloquium on the Law of Transbeman Persons
08 AGI 08 AGI
08 Global Catastrophic Risks 08 Global Catastrophic Risks
08 TED Transcript (a) 08 TED Transcript (a)
08 TED Transcripts 08 TED Transcripts
08 futureinreview 08 futureinreview
Robots RSS Section feed
Elienstein Robot Elienstein Robot
Gekko Robot Climbing Walls Gekko Robot Climbing Walls
Inventor builds She-3PO robot She-3PO robot
robot-pull-faces-like-humans robot-pull-faces-like-humans
Interest (Sites,Articles,Pdfs,etc) RSS Section feed
CERN TechDocs CERN TechDocs
CRN on Molecular Manufacturing CRN intro to Molecular Manufacturing
Death Is An Outrage Death Is An Outrage
Desktop Factory (3D Printer) Desktop Factory (3D Printer)
Dwave Quantium Computer PPT Slides Dwave Quantium Computer PPT Slides
Quantium Dots & Programmable Matter Hacking Matter (OnlineBook)
MolecularAssembler MolecularAssembler
Must know 21st Century Terms Must know 21st Century Terms
Nano Medicine Nano Medicine
CRN  NanoFactory - How to Build?
Nanofactory Collaboration Nanofactory Collaboration
Nanomedicine Timeline graph Nanomedicine Timeline graph
http://labs.live.com/photosynth/ New Browser Interface
Productive NanoSystems Physics of molecular fabrication Physics of MM (e Drexler)
Wind Balloon PowerGen Idea 1
CRN 100 Billion Solar Aircraft PowerGen Idea 3
Rapture of the Geeks Rapture of the Geeks
Ray K - Graphs ppt Ray K - Graphs ppt
Law of Accelerating Returns Ray K - Law of Accelerating Returns
2003 Articles Re Ray Kurzweil Ray K - Reader Articles
3D Display Technology Real 3D - (Starwars here we come)
Roadmap to Productive Nanosystems Roadmap to Productive Nanosystems
The Scientific Conquest of Death Scientific Conquest of Death
Singularities And Nightmares Singularities And Nightmares
Technical Concept Study Space Elevator Technical Study
Vuzix vr920 iWear Vuzix vr920 iWear
You get it or you dont You get it or you dont
e-drexler e-drexler
molecular-conceptor molecular-conceptor
zPrinter450 (3D Printer)  zPrinter450 (3D Printer)
Research RSS Section feed
GE Research GE Research
micrcosoft research micrcosoft research
top 10 ai researchers top 10 ai researchers
Arch and Design RSS Section feed
150-inch Plasma  (8.84 million pixel) (2,160 x 4,096)  150-inch Plasma (8.84 million pixel) (2,160 x 4,096)
3x Monitor 3x Monitor
BLIMP - Flying Hotel BLIMP - Flying Hotel
Future Yacht Future Yacht
House Boat House Boat
Nokia Nano Cellphone Nokia Nano Cellphone
Poseidon Resorts Underwater Poseidon Resorts Underwater
Superbus Superbus
Underwater Hotel Underwater Hotel
Worlds Tallest Hotel Worlds Tallest Hotel
Ziggurat Pyramid City (1.1m people) Ziggurat Pyramid City (1.1m people)
07 Watch List RSS Section feed
AuroLase Nano Particles Cancer (2007 trial) AuroLase Nano Particles Cancer (2007 trial)
Nanospheres trials 2007 Nanospheres trials 2007
(South African) Solar Power Panels Solar Power Panels
Top Conferences 07 Top Conferences 07
New Tools RSS Section feed
Jott - phoneToTxt Email/Blog Jott - phoneToTxt Email/Blog
Video Sources / Conferences RSS Section feed
.09 AGI Conference .09 AGI Conference
.09 Singularity Summit Videos .09 Singularity Summit Videos
.TED talks - (videos) .TED talks - (videos)
06 Edmonton Aging Symposium - (videos) 06 Edmonton Aging Symposium - (videos)
06 Lift Conference - (videos) 06 Lift Conference - (videos)
06 Nano Course - (audio) 06 Nano Course - (audio)
06 SENS2 - audio 06 SENS2 - audio
06 TransVision06- (videos) 06 TransVision06- (videos)
06.Singularity Summit  - (video) 06.Singularity Summit - (video)
07 European Futurists Conference 07 European Futurists Conference
07 Google Developer -videos 07 Google Developer -videos
07 Leweb3 - videos 07 Leweb3 - videos
07 SENS3 - video 07 SENS3 - video
07 SIAI Interview Series 07 SIAI Interview Series
07 Singularity Summit  - (audio) 07 Singularity Summit - (audio)
.08 AGI-08 Videos 08 AGI-08 Videos
.08 Aging 2008 08 Aging 2008
.08 Aging 2008-2 08 Aging 2008-2
.08 BlogTalk Radio 08 BlogTalk Radio
.08 Global Catastrophic Risks Videos 08 Global Catastrophic Risks
.08 Grand Challenges MP3s 08 Grand Challenges MP3s
.08 Intel Developer Forum 08 Intel Developer Forum
.08 MindBodySymposium  08 MindBodySymposium
.08 Singularity Summit Videos 08 Singularity Summit
08 Techcrunch50 video 08 Techcrunch50 video
Betterhumans - (videos) Betterhumans - (videos)
Computer History videos Computer History videos
David Deutsch QC Lectures - (video)  David Deutsch QC Lectures - (video)
Global Catastrophic Risks Videos Global Catastrophic Risks Videos
Global Catastrophic Risks Global Catastrophic Risks videos
Google Tech - (videos) Google Tech - (videos)
Human2.0 Human2.0
Imminst.org - (videos) Imminst.org - (videos)
Impact of Technology on People - (Pods) Impact of Technology on People - (Pods)
Intel Software - Video Network Intel Software - Video Network
Lifeboat - videos Lifeboat - videos
Longnow Seminars - (pods) Longnow Seminars - (pods)
MIT nano videos MIT nano videos
Mit World - Video Finder Mit World - Video Finder
Mprize - (videos) Mprize - (videos)
Nanowerk - Nano videos Nanowerk - Nano videos
Power of the Small Power of the Small
Sage Crossroads Sage Crossroads
Smalltalk Nano - (pods) Smalltalk Nano - (pods)
TED Videosphere TED Videosphere
Transcurve - Videos Transcurve - Videos
_All Things D - (videos) _All Things D - (videos)
Single videos RSS Section feed
Aubrey de Grey,SIAI interview Aubrey de Grey,SIAI interview
Bionic eyes Bionic eyes
Brain Cox On CERN Brain Cox On CERN
CNN: Cities of the Future CNN: Cities of the Future
Change your Mind Change your Brain Change your Mind Change your Brain
(video) - Clever intro to Web 2.0 Clever intro to Web 2.0 (video)
Computer History Museum tour 1 Computer History Museum tour 1
Computer History Museum tour 2 Computer History Museum tour 2
Juan Enriquez: Decoding the future with genomics Decoding the future with genomics
(video) - Digismart (mphone projector) Digismart (mphone projector) - (video)
DoCoMo Attempt at Mobile Future - (video) DoCoMo Attempt at Mobile Future - (video)
Eliezer Yudkowsky AI lecture - (video) Eliezer Yudkowsky AI lecture - (video)
End of Aging - Aubrey de Grey End of Aging - Aubrey de Grey
Flexible OLED TV Flexible OLED TV
Fog Screen Fog Screen
Hole in the Wall Project - Video Hole in the Wall Project - Video
How A Car Engine Works - (Flash) How A Car Engine Works - (Flash)
How neurons work - (video) How neurons work - (video)
Human Computation Human Computation
Human Genome Animation Human Genome Animation
(video) - Intel 80 core (Flash) Intel 80 core (Flash) - (video)
(video) - Intel 80 core chip Intel 80 core chip - (video)
(video) - Intel Inside the 45 nm chip Intel Inside 45 nm chip - (video)
Intel Ultra Mobile Concept - Video Intel Ultra Mobile Concept - Video
Internet Next 5000 days Internet Next 5000 days
Kurzweil 99 - Age of Spirtual Machines Kurzweil 99 - Age of Spirtual Machines
LandWarrior Computer system LandWarrior Computer system
(video) - Light Emitting Shirts Light Emitting Shirts - (video)
Media Editing Touchscreen Demo Media Editing Touchscreen Demo
Michio Kaku on AI Michio Kaku on AI
Microsoft Reseach (Video) Microsoft Reseach (Video)
Microsoft Surface Computing Microsoft Surface Computing
Msoft Future Personal Health  Msoft Future Personal Health
(video) - Multi-Touch Original Multi-Touch Original - (video)
(video) - Multi-Touch Wall 8ft TED Multi-Touch Wall 8ft TED - (video)
(video) - Multi-Touch Wall Promo Multi-Touch Wall Promo - (video)
Multi-Touch Wall TEDx2 - (video) Multi-Touch Wall TEDx2 - (video)
nano respirocyte - (video ani) Nano Respirocyte - (video ani)
(video) - NanoFactory Concept NanoFactory Concept - (video)
Nanoengineer gallery - (video) Nanoengineer Gallery - (video)
Nanogears Nanogears
Nanotech Introduction - Video Nanotech Introduction - Video
Nanotechnology Takes Off  - (video) Nanotechnology Takes Off - (video)
(video) - New Interface(bumptop)  New Interface(bumptop) - (video)
Organ Repair Video Organ Repair Video
Photosynth Demo Photosynth Demo
(video) - Quantum Computer demo Quantum Computer demo - (video)
Ray K - 3hr indepth (RM) Ray K - 3hr indepth (RM)
Ray K - At Killer App Expo Ray K - At Killer App Expo
Ray K - Machine Conscious Debate Ray K - Machine Conscious Debate
Ray K - Translator demo - (video) Ray K - Translator demo - (video)
Rewriting Ourselves Rewriting Ourselves
Robert Freitas - Human Monitor.- (Ani) Robert Freitas - Human Monitor.- (Ani)
Secrets of success in 3 minutes Secrets of success in 3 minutes
Seeing and manipulating the invisible Seeing and manipulating the invisible
Self Replicating Robots Self Replicating Robots
Seth Godin - on Why You Need a Tribe Seth Godin - on Why You Need a Tribe
Shai Agassi - A Moment of Transformation Shai Agassi - Electric Car 2.0
Singularity Doesnt Happen - (audio) Singularity Doesnt Happen - (audio)
Singularity Institute for AI Intro - video Singularity Institute for AI Intro - video
Space Elevator - PBS clip Space Elevator - PBS clip
(video) - Space Elevator Concept Space Elevator Concept - (video)
The quantum corral The quantum corral
_Adobe CS3 Videos _Adobe CS3 Videos
iPhone Up Close - (video) iPhone Up Close - (video)
pftf - future of software pftf - future of software
Doco Sources RSS Section feed
BBC Horizon BBC Horizon
BBC4 Docos BBC4 Docos
History Channel History Channel
National Geographic National Geographic
SciFi Channel SciFi Channel
__History Channel: Future Weapons __History Channel: Future Weapons
Nano-Talks RSS Section feed
Chris Phoenix: Molecular Manufacturing Chris Phoenix: Molecular Manufacturing
Europe,Nano,the next dimension Europe,Nano,the next dimension
Mechanosynthesis - R.Merkle,R.Freitas Mechanosynthesis - R.Merkle,R.Freitas
Mike Treder: Nano-MM: Promise,Pandoras Box Mike Treder: Nano-MM: Promise,Pandoras Box
Documentaries Online RSS Section feed
2057 - Intro The World in 50 Years 2057 - Intro The World in 50 Years
2057 - The Body  2057 - The Body
2057 - The City 2057 - The City
2057 - The World 2057 - The World
Alien Planet Alien Planet
Atom - The Clash of the Titans P1 Atom - The Clash of the Titans P1
Atom - The Illsion of Reality - P3 Atom - The Illsion of Reality - P3
Atom - The Key to the Cosmos - P2 Atom - The Key to the Cosmos - P2
BBC - TIME Part 2 of 4  BBC - TIME Part 2 of 4
BBC - TIME Part 4 of 4 BBC - TIME Part 4 of 4
BBC Great Natural Wonders of the World BBC Great Natural Wonders of the World
BBC Horizon - Project Poltergeist BBC Horizon - Project Poltergeist
BBC Horizon The Death Star  BBC Horizon The Death Star
BBC Human 2.0     BBC Human 2.0
BBC The Moon BBC The Moon
BBC Visions of the future BBC Visions of the future
BBC VisionsOfTheFuture P1 - Intelligence Revolution BBC VisionsOfTheFuture P1 - Intelligence Revolution
BBC VisionsOfTheFuture P2 - Biotech Revolution BBC VisionsOfTheFuture P2 - Biotech Revolution
BBC VisionsOfTheFuture P3 - The Quantum Revolution BBC VisionsOfTheFuture P3 - The Quantum Revolution
Century Of Self Century Of Self
Chris Phoenix - On Molecular Manufacturing Chris Phoenix - On Molecular Manufacturing
Dangerous Knowledge Dangerous Knowledge
Discovery -The History Of Hacking Discovery -The History Of Hacking
Evolution --  E1-- 2of2 -- Darwins Dangerous Idea Evolution -- E1-- 2of2 -- Darwins Dangerous Idea
Evolution -- E1 -- 1of2 --Darwins Dangerous Idea Evolution -- E1 -- 1of2 --Darwins Dangerous Idea
Evolution -- E2  -- Great Transformations  Evolution -- E2 -- Great Transformations
Evolution -- E3 -- Extinction Evolution -- E3 -- Extinction
Evolution -- E5 -- Why Sex  Evolution -- E5 -- Why Sex
Evolution -- E6 -- The Minds Big Bang Evolution -- E6 -- The Minds Big Bang
Evolution -- E7 -- What About God Evolution -- E7 -- What About God
History of the universe in a nutshell History of the universe in a nutshell
Horizon: Large Hadron Collider Horizon: Large Hadron Collider
Horizon: What is Wrong With Gravity?  Horizon: What is Wrong With Gravity?
Human Body Human Body
Living Forever:  Longevity Revolution Living Forever: Longevity Revolution
Marriage of Brain and Computer  Marriage of Brain and Computer
Monkey Thinks,Robot walks Monkey Thinks,Robot walks
Moon for Sale Moon for Sale
Nanotechnology - Nanotopia Nanotechnology - Nanotopia
Pandemic (a possible look of the future)  Pandemic (a possible look of the future)
Parallel Universes doco Parallel Universes doco
Pleasure Of Finding Things Out,Richard Feynman Pleasure Of Finding Things Out,Richard Feynman
R.Dawkins - Root of All Evil - The God Delusion R.Dawkins - Root of All Evil - The God Delusion
The Case for Antigravity The Case for Antigravity
The Universe Series 1 The Universe Series 1
The Universe: Beyond the Big Bang The Universe: Beyond the Big Bang
TimeTravel Experiments,Parallel Universes... TimeTravel Experiments,Parallel Universes...
What We Still Dont Know,Are We Real  What We Still Dont Know,Are We Real
Recommended Lectures RSS Section feed
CoryD,InfoAge,DRM,etc... CoryD,InfoAge,DRM,etc...
Cybernetics lecture - Kevin Warwick Cybernetics lecture - Kevin Warwick
microsoft.com Feynman Lectures
Henry Markram: Designing the Human Mind Mind08 - Designing the Human Mind
Physics 10 - Lecture 01: Atoms and Heat  Physics 10 - Lecture 01: Atoms and Heat
Physics 10 - Lecture 02: Atoms and Heat  Physics 10 - Lecture 02: Atoms and Heat
Physics 10 - Lecture 03: Gravity and Satellites Physics 10 - Lecture 03: Gravity and Satellites
Physics 10 - Lecture 04: Gravity and Satellites II Physics 10 - Lecture 04: Gravity and Satellites II
Physics 10 - Lecture 05: Radioactivity Physics 10 - Lecture 05: Radioactivity
Physics 10 - Lecture 06: Radioactivity II Physics 10 - Lecture 06: Radioactivity II
Physics 10 - Lecture 07:  Nukes Physics 10 - Lecture 07: Nukes
Physics 10 - Lecture 08: Review Session  Physics 10 - Lecture 08: Review Session
Physics 10 - Lecture 09: Electricity and Magnetism Physics 10 - Lecture 09: Electricity and Magnetism
Physics 10 - Lecture 10: Electricity and Magnetism II  Physics 10 - Lecture 10: Electricity and Magnetism II
Physics 10 - Lecture 11: - Waves I Physics 10 - Lecture 11: - Waves I
Physics 10 - Lecture 12: Waves II Physics 10 - Lecture 12: Waves II
Physics 10 - Lecture 13: Light I Physics 10 - Lecture 13: Light I
Physics 10 - Lecture 14: Light II Physics 10 - Lecture 14: Light II
Physics 10 - Lecture 15: Invisible Light I Physics 10 - Lecture 15: Invisible Light I
Physics 10 - Lecture 16: Invisible Light II  Physics 10 - Lecture 16: Invisible Light II
Physics 10 - Lecture 17: Quantum I Physics 10 - Lecture 17: Quantum I
Physics 10 - Lecture 18: Quantum II Physics 10 - Lecture 18: Quantum II
Physics 10 - Lecture 19: Quantum III Physics 10 - Lecture 19: Quantum III
Physics 10 - Lecture 20:- Quantum IV Physics 10 - Lecture 20:- Quantum IV
Physics 10 - Lecture 21: Review Session Physics 10 - Lecture 21: Review Session
Physics 10 - Lecture 22: Relativity  Physics 10 - Lecture 22: Relativity
Physics 10 - Lecture 23: Relativity II  Physics 10 - Lecture 23: Relativity II
Physics 10 - Lecture 24: Universe I Physics 10 - Lecture 24: Universe I
Physics 10 - Lecture 25: Universe II Physics 10 - Lecture 25: Universe II
Physics 10 - Lecture 26: Review Session Physics 10 - Lecture 26: Review Session
Videos RSS Section feed
Future by design Future by design
The Mechanical Universe (52hr course) The Mechanical Universe (52hr course)
The Universe Series 1,2 on DVD The Universe Series 1,2 on DVD
What the BLEEP ¿ Down the Rabbit Hole,Quantum Edition What the BLEEP (DVD)
More Video Sites of interest RSS Section feed
Makemagazine videos Makemagazine videos